Mitch McConnell Account Suspended from Twitter for Talking About People on Twitter Wanting to Kill Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

This shitbag will complain.

But Mitch McConnell and every other sickening “conservative” shill will turn around and continue to shill for the alleged “rights” of internet monopolies to crush everyone’s First Amendment rights.


The campaign account for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was suspended from Twitter after sharing a video of protesters allegedly making violent threats against the Senator, including a protester saying “just stab the motherfucker in the heart.” Twitter had no problem with “Massacre Mitch” trending on the platform.

Sen. McConnell’s team slammed Twitter in a comment to USA Today’s Courier-Journal.

“This morning, Twitter locked our account for posting the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell. This is a problem with the speech police in America today,” said campaign manager Kevin Golden.

“Twitter will allow the words of ‘Massacre Mitch’ to trend nationally on their platform, but locks our account for posting actual threats against us,” Golden added. “We appealed and Twitter stood by their decision, saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video.”

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra was also locked out of his Twitter account for drawing attention to the threats.

“Twitter asked me yesterday to delete this tweet,” said Saavedra. “It showed a person allegedly calling for violence against Mitch McConnell. The person appears to be a BLM activist who has met with Elizabeth Warren.”

“I said no and they suspended me *and* McConnell’s re-election campaign.”

This entire censorship agenda has reached cartoonish heights.

Look: people can call for the murder of mainstream, elected politicians and be promoted by the platform. But if the politician himself complains about people calling for his death, he gets censored.

That is like slapstick comedy censorship right there. But the reason that it is comical is because you can still see it. You can still go to Breitbart, Daily Stormer or the Russian media and see these stories reported. But these companies have begun functioning as though we’ve already all been successfully banned from the internet, 100%.

If we weren’t able to report this, then there wouldn’t be anything funny here. You would just see people on Twitter calling for Mitch McConnell to be massacred, and you would not see him complaining about people saying they’re going to kill him because his account would be secretly banned. So you would just assume that Mitch McConnell is okay with being killed, because even he knows he deserves it.

This situation is only a couple of years off.

Breitbart is kikesucking hard to try not to get banned, but they will be banned.

Russian media will be banned as part of a conspiracy.

And the Daily Stormer – well, they’ve already tried to completely ban us and we survived, like a baby who survives an abortion because it is just that determined to live. But eventually, internet service providers are going to block us. And if anyone asks, people like Mitch McConnell will say that internet service providers are private companies and they have a right to refuse to do business with whoever they choose.

Once again, kids:

Download Tor Browser.

Download Brave Browser (which has Tor functionality in a private window with Tor).

And listen to my appearance earlier this week on The Ralph Retort, where I talked a lot about the censorship coming down the line and how we’re all going to have to use Tor.

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