Monkey Ball Fatigue Sets in as ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers in One Month

Daily Stormer
October 30, 2016


The Jews have destroyed the ESPN brand by using it as a conduit to spread Cultural Marxist doctrines.

At one point ESPN was a trendy television brand. Now nobody cares about it. The Jew run company of Disney which took over the brand some time ago has totally destroyed it. ESPN just had its worse month ever losing a total of 621,000 subscribers in one month.

Outkick the Coverage:

The biggest business story in American sports this fall isn’t the declining NFL ratings or anything that’s happening on the field, court, or ice, it’s the collapse in ESPN subscribers, which reflect a larger trend in the collapse of cable subscribers in general.

Yesterday Nielsen announced its subscriber numbers for November 2016 and those numbers were the worst in the history of ESPN’s existence as a cable company — the worldwide leader in sports lost 621,000 cable subscribers. That’s the most subscribers ESPN has ever lost in a month according to Nielsen estimates and it represents a terrifying and troubling trend for the company, an acceleration of subscriber loss that represents a doubling of the average losses over the past couple of years, when ESPN has been losing in the neighborhood of 300,000 subscribers a month.

These 621,000 lost subscribers in the past month alone lead to a drop in revenue of over $52 million and continue the alarming subscriber decline at ESPN. Couple these subscriber declines with a 24% drop in Monday Night Football ratings this fall, the crown jewel of ESPN programming, and it’s fair to call October of 2016 the worst month in ESPN’s history. But this isn’t just a story about ESPN, the rapid decline in cable subscribers is hitting every channel, sports and otherwise. It just impacts ESPN the most because ESPN costs every cable and satellite subscriber roughly $7 a month, over triple the next most expensive cable channel.

ESPN’s decline into irrelevance is noteworthy because it reflects a major cultural change happening in America. White Americans have quickly become sick of all the retarded monkey ball crap and have lost interest. Much of this has to do with the ridiculous disrespect shown by Black NFL players during the national anthem, but it also has to do with how these sports teams mostly consist of Blacks and non-Whites. The teams on the field no longer have anything in common with the core of the product’s fan base. You also have an endless bombardment of commercials mocking White men and pushing multicultural gibberish during sports broadcasts. They are basically sticking a big middle finger at their most important demographic.


ESPN hasn’t helped themselves by loading their programs with Black sports analysts and female sports reporters. Most of their shows feature these morons bantering back and forth about issues of little to no significance. Their shows have literally degenerated into something that resembles middle-aged women gossiping at a hair salon. It is utterly retarded and ridiculous.

I expect this trend to continue. White Americans are rejecting all of this over-the-top Jewish garbage on television and what’s happening with ESPN is another reflection of that. At the rate that they are losing subscribers, it would not be a surprise to see them unable to continue their operations over the next few years. Rapidly declining sports ratings and rapidly declining subscriber numbers is the worst possible combination for their business model.