Monkeyman Suckerpunches White Mother in Front of Her Children, Breaks Her Nose

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

David Earl Thomas Jr.

Congratulations Jennifer, you’re the latest victim of the knockout game.

Hopefully, this event causes your daughters to develop a deep-rooted hatred of niggers that remains with them for life.

CBS Local:

Police have arrested a man in connection to a vicious sucker punch to a mother in front of her children.

David Earl Thomas, Junior, 34, is now in custody.

His alleged victim, Jennifer Leedy, suffered a broken nose and her daughters are traumatized by what happened.

“We were talking. We were laughing. We were having a good time. Beautiful day. All of the sudden, he just charged before I even knew what was happening. This person just charged right at me and knocked me down to the ground,” said Leedy. “I remember looking down the street and he was running and he turned to the right… I feel very, very lucky. Very lucky… that the weapon of choice was a fist. And it wasn’t a gun or a knife. Or anything else that you hear nightmares about.”

Jennifer Leedy.

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  1. 1480

    January 27, 2019

    Location: Fort Worth,TX

    Victim(s): Jennifer Leedy (survived)

    Attacker(s): David Earl Thomas Jr.

    Description: Jennifer was walking with her daughters to her car, when Thomas charged at her and punched her in the face, breaking her nose and knocking her to the ground, before running away. Link(s): Story on the crime. Report on the crime. Thomas is arrested. Leedy surname info Leedy surname info house of names.

  2. Jealously? A black savage sees a happy mother with 2 happy children going about thier day, society tells him it’s thier fault that he’s poor, stupid and broke so he lashed out.

  3. I heard Dallas was flooded with niggers after Hurricane Katrina. Is that true? If so you have to ask who got hit worse. New Orleans or Dallas.

  4. Niggers are so impulsive it might be best not to even ponder why this ape punched this woman. They do things on the spur of the moment. Maybe some atavistic memory was triggered, something from eons back, his ape ancestors and their fear of humans, and seeing a human triggered him into attack mode. Or something.

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    Niggers - all of their filthy lot - should be treated as the dangerous bio-weapons they are.

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    Also, Texans can carry. All niggers should be looked upon as potential life threats - at all times. Get a gun and learn how to use it. As a woman with small children to protect, you are less likely to be charged with “killing an innocent black on his way to church.”

    Why my husband always says for ME to use the gun instead of him.

    Not only that, I’m a better shot…

  6. Bon says:

    Not worth pondering.

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  7. Our justice system was designed as a deterrent for Whites. It doesn’t work on negroids. In other words, it’s been calibrated based on White behavior, and what amount of punishment it takes to deter most Whites from crime.

    Negroids cannot envision future circumstances in the same way Whites do. A White thinks “prison” and in his mind sees himself there and briefly feels a part of the misery it would bring. A negroid can think “prison”, and he sees and feels nothing.

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