Montel Williams Accuses Alex Jones of Being on Cocaine Resulting in Counter Accusations That Williams is Working for the Illuminati

Daily Slave
March 15, 2015

After accusing Alex Jones of having a cocaine addiction it couldn’t be any more obvious that Montel Williams is secretly working for the Illuminati.

It has been a rough week for Alex Jones.  After facing an onslaught of criticism for making false claims about unidentifiable “Nazis” wanting to kill him all the time, he has also been accused by the former Black talk show host Montel Williams of being on cocaine.  This resulted in Mark Dice accusing Williams of being a puppet for Illuminati bankers while Jones delivered minutes upon minutes of angry rants directed towards the former talk show host.

I will admit that I cannot 100% prove that Jones has a cocaine addiction, but his behavior certainly seems to indicate that this is a distinct possibility.  Hours upon hours of video evidence compiled at the vilemonkey YouTube channel seems to suggest the strong possibility that Jones is under the influence of some type of controlled substance when he goes on air.

Shown below is a video of Jones ranting about Williams.

Shown here is Dice’s video accusing Williams of being a puppet for Illuminati bankers.

The reason why I’m pointing this out is because this type of thing shows what a joke the so-called “truth movement” has become.  None of these clowns will talk about Jewish power, international Zionism or White genocide.  Instead, they want to spend hours of their time exposing a Black 1990s talk show host of being part of an alleged Illuminati conspiracy because he appeared in payday loan advertisements and accused Alex “Jew Wife” Jones of being on cocaine.

It is no wonder why Jones is trying to Jew his audience with magic erection formulas and other snake oil crap.  His audience must be shrinking by the day if this is the type of crap he has resorted to broadcasting.