More Evangelicuck Madness: Televangelist Asks Congregation to Fund 4th Private Jet

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

The only thing that televangelists believe in is the power of Mammon and Israel.

I think that the reason they love the Jews so much is because the Jews taught them how easy it was to fleece the goyim. Sheep that they are. Normies will believe anyone with a nice smile, and a “good heart.” Mostly because they are fundamentally naive and trusting people who want to be led.

This is perhaps why Christianity stressed the importance of “good shepherds” to lead the normies to safety, and not off into a doomsday, kike-worshipping evangelist cult.


US televangelist Jesse Duplantis wants his congregation to chip in to buy him a new private jet – his fourth – because God told him so, apparently.

Duplantis implored his congregation to help fund private jet number four because, if Jesus was alive today, he “wouldn’t be riding a donkey.”

According to Duplantis, whose wealth is valued at least $40 million, he hesitated about the purchase, until he remembered a tip God gave him back in 1978, “I didn’t ask you to pay for it. I asked you to believe for it.” Duplantis took the divine message to mean ‘ask your flock to fork out for it.’

The evangelical preacher explained the need for a fourth private jet on his ‘This week with Jesse’ show, in which he stood next to framed pictures of his fleet of jets before pointing out that the aircraft he bought 12 years ago required refuelling, meaning he had to pay “exorbitant” refuelling costs.



You just know he’s going to raise that 56 million because…well…religious fanatics.

I really, really hate evangelicucks.

They turned an entire generation of kids off of Christianity with their insanity. 

Getting kids to thrash around and cry on cue and love Jews is sacrilege.

I’ve basically had to suppress my knee-jerk Pavlovian disgust response for years now as I’ve tried to gain a better understanding of Christianity.

Thankfully, it seems clear that these people are heretics of the absolute worst kind. The blind being led by complete conmen.

Their day will come.