More People Pretending to be Journalists Losing Their Jobs

Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

If I had some toilets that needed cleaning, she’d have a job right now.

It always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to see bad things happening to the (((people))) who deserve them.

Huffington Post:

HuffPost laid off about 20 employees around the United States on Thursday, one day after its parent company, Verizon Media, announced it would cut 7 percent of its workforce.

About 750 Verizon Media employees were expected to lose their jobs. That announcement came more than a month after Verizon took a $4.6 billion write-down on HuffPost’s parent company, Oath (now called Verizon Media), which includes AOL, Yahoo and HuffPost.

HuffPost unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East in 2017. A spokesman for the union said at least 15 members had lost their jobs. Two full teams ― the opinion and health sections ― were eliminated.

“Muh shekels, muh choice.”

Always funny seeing people who think killing babies in their mothers’ wombs is a “human right” use these kinds of metaphors

Not only did I not know that HuffPo is owned by Verizon, I did not know that HuffPo had an “opinion” section. All of their posts are “opinion.”

“It’s a tough day for HuffPost, and we’re losing some talented and beloved colleagues,” HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen said Thursday. “We are deeply committed to quality journalism that reflects what matters most to our diverse audiences across the globe. HuffPost is aligning its talents and investments to areas that have high audience engagement, differentiation and are poised for growth at a time when our mission means more than ever.”

In this context, quality journalism means mindlessly repeating the dogma of every government and corporation in the entire formerly Western world, doxing anybody who is against it, and of course, the cherry on top – cat ladies writing articles about how beautiful Disney princesses would be if they were fat and ugly like them.

HuffPost lost about 9.5 percent of its staff and Yahoo News lost about 10 percent, Polgreen said later Thursday in an all-hands meeting with HuffPost staff, according to several sources present.

The company has cut other costs, Polgreen said in that meeting, including shuttering its Germany edition. HuffPost Deutschland will close operations on March 31.

Those scum, unfortunately, will probably find jobs a little easier than the scum in America, since media in Europe is 100% under anti-White control, and heavily subsidized by the government.

HuffPost’s union contract included language ensuring editorial independence and enhancing newsroom diversity, and had specific provisions for severance in the event of layoffs.

Is that why all your articles read like they were written by the same person using different names?

Has anyone from the Huffington Post ever said anything about Trump other than “Orange Man Bad”?

Every cut in the tight-knit HuffPost newsroom represented a huge loss for the industry, said Christopher Mathias, a HuffPost reporter and union member.

“Today is a big blow to our newsroom and to the world of journalism,” Mathias said. “The reporters and editors who were laid off today don’t deserve this. It’s so sad and infuriating. They are some of the most passionate and dedicated people I know, and their work has made real impact on people’s lives. They’ll be sorely, sorely missed.”

Mathias is another one of those journalistic luminaries whose main job it is to make sure no one breaks the party line.

He also thinks you should be arrested if you defend yourself when his antifa colleagues try to crack open your skull:

A Verizon Media spokeswoman said Wednesday that the company’s goal “is to create the best experiences for our consumers and the best platforms for our customers.

“Today marks a strategic step toward better execution of our plans for growth and innovation into the future,” she said.

“These giant platforms, they broke our industry,” Polgreen said at the all-hands meeting, referring to platforms such as Facebook and Google. “This is an existential challenge for every single publisher.”

Actually, what broke your industry was Jews taking it over and using it as a weapon against Whitey.

The news comes as huge cuts continue to hit organizations elsewhere in the digital media sphere.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti announced Wednesday that the company would lay off 15 percent of its workforce, or about 250 people, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Gannett, which owns USA Today and several other newspapers, also cut jobs in newsrooms across the U.S. on Wednesday. laid off the majority of its employees in November. In October, Refinery 29 announced a cut of 40 employees, while Super Deluxe announced that it would shut down.

These people have absolutely none of the problems we here at DS have – they can have ads, they can have sponsorships, they can ask for donations, their domains are never confiscated, their contributors aren’t living under constant threat of losing their jobs and going to prison, their entire “work” is just regurgitating the (((party line))) while moving the words around a little – and with all that NPC privilege, they still can’t even make enough money to keep their worthless jobs.

A reminder of why you should be sending shekels to this site whenever you can.

Alexander Kaufman, a HuffPost reporter and union representative, noted that layoffs at multiple news organizations means there are fewer people to investigate the most powerful people in the U.S.

“This place is like a family, and each of these losses stings in its own way,” Kaufman said. “The fact that layoffs here, at BuzzFeed and at Gannett will force so many journalists across the country to compete for jobs at the same time is a depressing reminder of how comfortable the powerful must feel in this moment.”

Yeah, “the powerful.”

Those very powerful enemies you have.

Like those privileged white power-crazed MAGA Catholics you attempted to crucify.

Keep saying that, kike, there’s still enough useful idiots out there to believe it, for now at least…