More Proof of Hell Theory: Number of Witches Drastically on the Rise ;_;

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

You don’t want witches in your society.

Nothing good can come of that.

CNS News:

A report in the Christian Post contends that the number of witches (and Wiccans) has dramatically increased since the 1990s, to the degree that there may be at least 1.5 million witches in the United States, which is higher than the 1.4 million mainline Presbyterians.

“[T]he practice of witchcraft has grown significantly in recent decades; those who identify as witches has risen concurrently with the rise of the ‘witch aesthetic,'” reported the Christian Post in October, citing data from Quartz, a Trinity College study, and the Pew Research Center.

Between 1990 and 2008, the number of Wiccans in the United States grew from 8,000 to 340,000, according to three religious surveys conducted by Trinity College in Connecticut. In addition, the Pew Research Center reported in 2014 that 0.4% of the population — 1 to 1.5 million Americans — “identify as Wicca or Pagan.” 

Now, I never really believed in all this bullshit.

The Amazing Randi is probably himself a Satan-worshiper. Try to explain how that wasn’t obvious from the beginning. 

But recently… idk.

It’s hard to look at all this shit that’s happening in the world and explain it through economics. It’s hard to explain it even through the political lens. I mean, if you use politics and economics as your prism, and you do it well, you’ll get quite far – no doubt about that.

Eventually, though, I put that down the fedora with trembling hands and just finally said to myself, “fuck it, I’m going to look into some of this religious shit.”

The process reconciled me with my ancestors.

Because they did a very good job ridding Europe of its witches. People don’t realize how lucky they are to live in a witch-free society. Seriously. It’s like sanitation and roads and all the other things we take for granted in White civilization. Not having witches is yet another positive externality of intense Deus Vulting.

I only realized this when a girl shared a witch-story with me.

See, she would visit the family village in the summer to get the real rustic experience. Farms, chickens and dirt roads – the real deal.

There was also an old woman living there all alone with her strange, silent and very tall son… and their cats, of course.

Progressively, as the years went by, she started getting crazier and meaner. Eventually, people began avoiding her house, which was, of course, situated close to the woods.

Most villagers treated her with a kind of benign pity. The way you would a doddering old pensioner. “How are you Mrs. So-and-so? Fine weather we’re having. Is your leg doing better? Great, well see you around!”

You know, that sort of thing.

And they’d occasionally leave some food for her at her door, just in case she was struggling. But when the son unexpectedly left for the city one day, things started to go bad.

She started muttering things under her breath and leaving the house more to just shuffle around the village, causing trouble.

It was dementia, probably.

But bit by bit, the villagers started getting annoyed and downright alarmed by her behavior. The typical village shenanigans started occurring. For example, someone threw some shit into the well and poisoned it. Someone was letting the cows out of their enclosure and things started to go missing. People even began to get sick with strange symptoms. A general… malaise settled on the village.

Naturally, suspicions began to fall on the old lady.

The old men in the village wanted to walk over to the house, bang the door and just scare her into behaving. The women counseled caution instead. “You’ll just rile her up even more!”, they said.

As luck would have it, the son ended up coming back home, and everyone calmed down. He would go back to taking care of her and things would return to normal.

And so one day, the girl was home alone while her mother was out of town. She was in the garden and saw the old lady shuffling up the drive in her direction. Scared, she closed the gate to the garden and ran inside the house.

The old lady kept on shuffling in the direction of the girl’s house and stopped at the gate. Imagine her for a moment. Old and crone-like, wearing long raggedy clothes like old people do, despite the summer heat. It makes quite an impression on people.

She reached out with her boney, shaking hand, clasped one of the gate rungs and gave it a tug.

The gate latch held firm. This seemed to anger the old woman. 

She started muttering dark-sounding things. The sounds became repetitive and increased in tempo. With her walking stick, she started scratching out something in the dirt, right in front of the house.

Then, clearing her throat, she very quickly turned around and shuffled away.

Watching this, the little girl was pretty spooked. But at the same time, she wanted to see what the old woman had been doing. She ran out of the house and saw strange symbols written in the dirt. With her foot, she covered them up with dirt and ran back inside, to wait for mom.

Almost immediately though, a flash summer storm started and began shaking the house. She hid under the kitchen table, because she was spooked AF.

Then a lightning bolt came down.

Luckily, it hit the apple tree and not the house… and the storm passed as quickly as it came.

To this day, the girl is convinced that if she hadn’t covered the runes, the house would have been hit.

And I just never felt like arguing with her. 

See, the old woman annoyed the shit out that village and despite them being understanding and nice, she kept on being an antisocial basket case.

Was she a witch tho?

At this point, I am willing to entertain that possibility, even though I think her being antisocial was already justification for what happened next.

Yeah, eventually her house burned down. She got badly burned in the blaze and ended up being taken to the hospital in the town.

Before we blame the villagers though… her son also disappeared in the middle of the night.

So who knows what really happened. All I know is that I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of shit in my life. And because my ancestors did such a good job dealing with it back then I never even thought about it as a real possibility.

But it is. 

Think about it, you might end up with a freak as a neighbor in your little condo who likes to leave dark-looking squiggles on your door or dead reptiles under your welcome mat or something.

I guarantee you that it will freak you and the neighbors out because it is so antisocial and because it is just weird in a way that we’re not used to.

And what can you even do to stop such a person? 

Witching is passive-aggressive. You can’t beat her up, otherwise you go to jail. You can’t admit to anyone that she’s spooking you and your kids out because the fedoras will mob you and chew you out.


This is going to be a problem in the West.

We just won’t hear about it as much because of the stigma.

But mark my words, there’s going to be cul-de-sacs that you’ve never heard of in sleepy suburbs with the residents living in terror of mentally-deranged cat-ladies and unable to leave because of a 50-year mortgage they’re still paying down.

That’s when we’re going to pray hardest for an Inquisition to come back and purge the witches from our lands.