More Than Half of “Rejected Asylum Seekers” will be Allowed to Remain in Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2017

So, most are straight-up allowed to stay. Of the rejected ones, more than half of them are allowed to stay. Of the less than half of the rejected, most of them cannot be legally deported.

So basically, they’re all here to stay.

Except a few Albanians maybe, and the ones that take the payoff to leave voluntarily, none of them are being deported.

Daily Express:

More than half of failed asylum seekers are being allowed to stay in Europe indefinitely because of the continent’s shambolic border controls, it emerged today.

Just 42 per cent of economic migrants are being kicked out of EU member states even though authorities have determined they have no legal right to be there.

Eurocrats today tried to heap blame on Greek border guards for the mess, saying they are being too slow to return failed asylum seekers to Turkey.

But critics said the figures were an example of the EU’s “incompetence” on asylum issues, adding that failing to tackle economic migration erodes public confidence to the detriment of genuine refugees.

The shock statistics, revealed by the head of the Brussels border force, will also make uncomfortable reading for Angela Merkel, who today came under pressure to introduce a migration cap in Germany.

Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri said he expected Greek officials to oversee a rate of return of 500 economic migrants a day to neighbouring Turkey, but that they were falling way short of that number.

Instead, a paltry 748 migrants have been returned across the Aegean sea since the deal came into force last March, while the EU has taken in 2,761 Syrian refugees from Turkey during the same period.

Under a landmark agreement between Brussels and Ankara, sealed last summer, all migrants who make the sea crossing to Greece are sent back, with Europe taking in one genuine refugee from a camp in Turkey for every failed asylum seeker returned.

The pact, which has come under pressure from the increasingly combative Turkish president Recep Erdogan, has been hailed by Mrs Merkel for reducing the once steady flow of asylum seekers using the Balkan route north to a trickle.

Separate figures released by the European Commission last month show the EU’s internal quota system is also in chaos, with just five per cent of asylum seekers in Italy and Greece who are earmarked for relocation having been moved.

A number of eastern European states including Hungary are furiously resisting the imposition of an EU-wide quota system for migrants, claiming that it impacts unreasonably on their sovereignty.

This has all gotten totally goofy.

How can anyone think this can lead to anything but war on the streets of Europe?

I guess the people like Merkel and the Jews that are pushing it just expect the Moslems will win the race war?

That doesn’t really seem very likely.

What are they doing?