Moscow vs Paris: Which is the Better Place to Chill?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2016

Moscow seems cool.

But Paris is also nice.

To demonstrate the worrying displacement rate of native Citizens in European cities, a Tourist took out his cellphone to film both the metro in Moscow and Paris. Without the subtitles, one might think the latter was filmed in South Africa. These pictures are all to familiar with anyone living in European cities. During daytime – when normal people go to work – their city streets look like a mix of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

The same applies to London, where a Muslim mayor was elected by the majority-Muslim population or Germany, where a Southern State just elected their first Muslim state president. Similar scenarios are happening all over Europe, in Sweden many city councils are now comprised of Muslims and Africans, entire parts of their cities are forever lost to parallel societies where Shariah trumps national law and ambulances have to be escorted by police to ensure their safety.

As native resistance towards this planned population replacement, such as the rise of the National Front, grows, the ruling bureaucrats in Brussels and traitors in European governments are quick to implement new “hate speech” laws, fining and jailing people for speaking out against them being a minority in their own homeland.

The AfD vice president in Germany, Christina Baum, now openly speaks of a “creeping genocide” of European peoples through mass immigration – she was consequently ripped apart by the media, who called her a conspiracy theorist and Islamophobe.