Moslem Mudslimes Rush Swiss Village, Embrowning Ensues

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

This is what is known as “cultural enrichment.”

ABC News:

A massive mudslide has crashed down a mountain and into a village in the Swiss municipality of Chamoson, damaging cars and properties in its path.

Nature is trying out new ways of telling you what the Stormer has been telling you for a while now.

They are taking control of what your ancestors died for. They are taking control of what is yours by right and blood.

Traitors and parasites are letting them do this.

Rapists? Those are just sexually active fugitives.

The Communist Chinese are at it again.

Watch the video again.

Watch as the harmonic beauty of Europe, of your blood, of your people, is threatened by a dark brown blob of ruin.

Threatened by darkness consuming the true colors of the world. How clearer do you need the picture to be?

Videos published online captured jets of mud gushing into the air, onto roads and destroying street signs nearby, with shocked bystanders running to safety.

They’ve tried fighting our ancestors before. They’ve failed.

Our people held the line.

They know they can’t win a fight against us so they’re using our empathy to fight us.

Don’t fall for it.

Europe is ours. Let’s take it back.

America is ours.

Don’t let them take it.