Moslem Ploughs Pedestrians Down in Melbourne, 3 Dead & 20+ Injured

Daily Stormer
January 20, 2017

At least Australians can say they’re not racist, huh?



BOURKE STREET MALL: Three people have been confirmed dead, and at least 20 others injured, after a car mowed down pedestrians. The driver has been arrested, and police have confirmed the incident is not terror related. MORE DETAILS: |

Posted by 9 News Melbourne on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Witnesses have claimed he yelled Allah Akbar, and one even said Arab music was blaring from his car but as per usual the (((news))) is making it very clear that it has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism!

Gold Coast Bulletin:

THREE people are dead and 20 others, including four children, are injured after a man “deliberately” drove into pedestrians at Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall today.

A baby was killed after a pram was struck by the red Holden Commodore which ploughed into the shoppers after zooming across an intersection with the driver hanging out of the window.

Hundreds ran for cover, ducking in shops and buildings to avoid the car which sped around in circles outside Flinders Street station.

Police shot the man to stop the shocking scenes of carnage, which followed on from an earlier stabbing incident in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor.

Acting Police Commander Stuart Bateson confirmed the attack was not terrorism.

TV footage showed the driver being pulled from the car after its bloody trail ended with the pram wedged into its mangled bonnet.

He was pulled from car cuffed but arrested wearing only red underpants after apparently being stripped at the Elizabeth St end of the mall.

Meanwhile In Melbourne Today ((((Don't mind me….. I am heavily pregnant and highly emotional))))?

Posted by Meesha Rhodes Ali on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Melbourne CBD near miss

A reader has sent in this dramatic CCTV footage from a store on Swanston St in Melbourne CBD that caught the car narrowly missing dozens of pedestrians.

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Shitlibs are once again going on rants about how white people are racist and want this to be done by a Moslem so that they can start a race war.

Apparently Brussels, Paris, Nice, Istanbul, Sydney, The Quran and constant threats from Moslems isn’t enough for us to say ‘you know what, maybe a Moslem did this.’

I mean we’re so racist, why don’t we ever think these things are done by Monks?

Why would we find such lovely people guilty of hate crimes?

It’s not like they love doing this sort of thing or anything.

Being rushed to the hospital after a big dose of cultural enrichment

Even if it turns out this was not terrorist related, the point is how quickly the news jumped on saying it’s not terror related, blatantly ignoring the witnesses who were saying that they heard him yell Allah Akbar.

Why are shitlibs still in denial, pretending that we should all act like Moslems don’t commit these kinds of acts?


Police have confirmed him as being Dimitrious Gargasoulas

From his Facebook page:

And my favorite grab:

i am i am not greek tongan i am actually greek islamic kurdish ANGEL OF CULT i promise and hold alot of answers

And what’s also interesting is that the police knew this guy was a violent degenerate but let him continue doing what he was doing.

This guy was known to police and in the early hours of the day even stabbed his brother.

The Age:

James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas, 26, was bailed by a bail justice on the weekend after he was arrested in St Kilda for a number of alleged offences, including family violence and stealing another car, sources said.

He was staying with his mother in a public housing flat in Windsor, where he allegedly stabbed his brother, Angelo, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Neighbours said they had regularly heard arguing inside the Raleigh Street unit.

He is known to police for drug-related issues, family violence assaults and has “an extensive family violence history”.

It is understood that police began pursuing Mr Gargasoulas on Friday in a maroon-coloured sedan after he allegedly took a woman hostage, who later escaped on the Bolte Bridge.

Police called off the pursuit over concerns of public safety, just outside the CBD.

The car was next seen doing “burnouts” and driving erratically at the intersection in front of Flinders Street Station. Mr Gargasoulas was filmed hanging out the driver’s window and abusing passerby.

He then sped north towards Bourke Street, where he allegedly ploughed through the crowded shopping strip, killing three people and injuring 20.

They had plenty of opportunities to stop him.

None of it makes no sense, someone has to start answering questions.

Awaiting more updates.