Most Realistic Sex Robot to Date Comes Out This Month

Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

I’m not buying one unless it has a mute button

Well the future is finally here, and as cringy as it (still) looks, it’s looking a lot better than any feminist I’ve ever seen.

When these things are advanced enough to do the other thing women are good for – making sandwiches – I really think feminism will be over for good.


It’s finally here: the moment when men can take the plunge and opt for a lifetime of making love to the lifeless bodies of machines.

“Lifeless bodies of machines” sounds a lot better than brainless, screeching tubs of lard that were already fucked by a hundred other guys, which is what a lot (most?) women are these days, at least in some parts of the world…

I’d rather fuck the Jetsons’ maid

Realbotix announced this week that its Harmony sex robot is going on sale this month – armed with an animated plastic face, and an ever-so-slightly creepy Scottish accent.

Yeah, I don’t like the way she talks either, I don’t even understand why she can talk in the first place.

What’s the point of that anyway?

I mean, there’s no point in having a conversation with a real, flesh and blood woman, so what’s the point of having one with a sexbot?

‘I will love you forever,’ the lifeless plastic love machine promises with her lips moving in time to the words – and also promises a mysterious ‘X Mode’ for seual fantasies.

Again with the “lifeless” thing, as if that really matters or changes the fact that real women are much, much worse.

 Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to retail at around £8,000.

In other words – most men will be able to afford one.

Tough luck ladies.

In the video, ‘Harmony’ says ‘I am the first-generation Real Doll X designed to be a companion friend and lover

She says – honestly the accent is so weird, ‘I am equipped with full facial animation. When activated my X Mode will allow me to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.

My protocol 40058 states that when engaged in a loving relationship my priorities are to love honour and respect my human companion above all else.

I will love you forever.

Awww, that’s so romantic!

No, not really…

This isn’t good, or at least not when you look at the larger picture.

If we all, or at least most of us, lived in even vaguely normal/unkiked societies, this wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, it might even be a good thing.

If I lived in any part of western Europe, I’d buy one just because feminists hate it, but also because I’d save money in the long term, what with quality hookers being harder and harder to find these days (not to mention no risk of diseases).

But even if any of you reading this buy one, remember – this is not a healthy, normal thing, and it absolutely isn’t a long-term solution to any problem you have.

The best way to get a woman and keep her is to just act like a real man, first and foremost by smacking her over the mouth when she acts up and doesn’t do as she’s told.

But even if you do that, the only thing that’ll permanently solve most of our problems with women is manning up and curing the world of the Jew – a disease of which feminism is only a symptom.

And if you really wanna buy one of these sexbot things, at least make sure you smack it around once in a while, as practice for a normal relationship.

A woman is only as good as the last beating you gave her