Mother of UK’s Fattest 10-Year-Old Boy Says Her Son “Goes Without Meals,” Only Has a Sandwich for Lunch

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

Stock photo of modern humanoids.

According to the obese, gaining fat has nothing to do with what you put in your mouth.

Daily Mail:

The mother of Britain’s fattest 10-year-old has insisted her son’s weight is down to a medical condition – not bingeing on junk food. 

The boy, from Hertfordshire, weighs three times the average for his age.

He has surpassed the weight of the previous young record holder, who tips the scales at 16st 2lb.

But his mother, 37, claims he suffers from a stress hormone disorder and is not eating too many fatty, sugary foods.

She told The Sun: ‘He goes without meals. He is very fussy with what food he eats.

‘We cannot understand why he is only eating that and not losing weight.’

Yeah, no. Look. Most people know that food gives you energy.

Is this fat slut suggesting her son somehow gets energy elsewhere? That his body magically produces calories and fattens itself?

Is he doing photosynthesis? 

Sure, he could have a hormonal problem making it easier for him to store fat, but as long as he’s alive, he’s still burning calories to function, so even with a “medical condition,” like she suggests, it would be a matter of finding the right balance of calories burned against calories ingested.

But that’s too much trouble for people, you know? You have to like discriminate what you put inside your mouth and stuff, and discrimination is bad, remember? All slim people are bigots.

The youngster does not attend all his classes, because at his size, he cannot cope with an entire day at school.

But his mother, who weighs 20st and also has an overweight daughter, claims he only has a sandwich for lunch and dinner and has been doing swimming and boxing.

She claims his weight kept ballooning in spite of exercise, but now a ‘germ phobia’ is stopping him from leaving the house.

lol believing obese people. Yeah man, she’s obese, her daughter is overweight, and her son is the fattest 10-year-old in their country because of some magical perpetual-energy gene he has going for him.

The 10-year-old boy’s case comes after Public Health England figures revealed nearly half of all primary school children are dangerously overweight in some parts of the country.

They all have that infinite-energy gene mutation. This is evolution.

Instead of berating obese people we should be thanking them and studying them in order to take advantage of their perpetual-energy gift. Once we learn how to harness their power, we could create energy out of nothing. Like magic.

With all this social engineering and misinformation going on it could be hard to find an effective way to lose weight and eat healthy. If you want to burn some fat and to improve your diet, take a look at Mr. Anglin’s Diet and Nutrition, Aesthetics, Strength and Health article.

Don’t believe obese monstrosities. Fat is something you can burn.

Fit is something you can be.

You just have to work for it.