Mulatto Fatally Shoots Young White Man in Abdomen with Crossbow Bolt

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

Nyoky Bull.

I don’t agree with the crime, but I can’t bring myself to hate someone who uses a crossbow as his weapon of choice.

Wood TV:

A man charged in a crossbow killing had planned the ambush, luring his victim outside by posing as somebody else, prosecutors said Friday.

Nyoky Bull, 20, of Grant, was arraigned Friday on an open murder charge in Wednesday’s killing of 20-year-old Marcus Olmstead in Norton Shores.

Olmstead’s mom, Kristi Ferry, sat in the front row of the courtroom, but was relieved the suspect was being arraigned through a video feed.

“He’s twisted. That’s all I can say,” Ferry said after the hearing. “He’s a monster. Who else could do this to a sweet, innocent boy?”

Police weren’t sure of a motive, but they were looking at the possibility of jealousy. They say it wasn’t a random, impetuous act.

“There was some premeditation and deliberation that went into the planning,” Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Chief Trial Attorney Matt Roberts said after the hearing.

The suspect has no criminal record, according to Michigan State Police.

Roberts said the victim had been communicating through social media with the suspect’s 18-year-old girlfriend earlier Wednesday.

Marcus Olmstead.