Mulatto to Spend at Least 50 Years in Prison for Stabbing White Pizzeria Owner to Death

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

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Wood TV:

A man, who admitted to fatally stabbing Grand Rapids pizzeria owner Joey Vitale inside his own restaurant last year, was sentenced Thursday to serve decades in prison.

Kent County Judge Mark Trusock sentenced Tony Streets Jr. to 50-100 years behind bars for stabbing Vitale inside Burton Heights Pizza in Grand Rapids back in October 2018.

Investigators say Streets caused a disturbance inside the pizza restaurant and refused to leave. Witnesses say when Vitale tried to calm down Streets, he stabbed him.

After the stabbing, police say Streets ran from the restaurant, robbed a person in the parking lot and tried to steal a car.

After the attack, Vitale tried to drive himself to the hospital, but he crashed during the drive. Vitale died the next morning from his stab wounds.

Tony Streets Jr., left, and Joey Vitale.