Must Have: Polar Fox Boots – Perfect Footwear for Nazis!

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

Hitler approves

Not digging the New Balances? Want to share your love of Swastikas with the everybody?

Maybe Polar Fox has the shoe for you.

Daily Dot:

According to Reddit user FRSHFSHFCKR, they ordered some new boots for work without realizing that the tread pattern made teeny swastikas on the ground. They later identified the company as Polar Fox, which indeed has the same pattern on at least one pair of its boots.

Trigger people just by walking

I sincerely don’t believe this was an accident.

You’d have to know what mark that pattern would leave.

And of course normies don’t approve.


After a million “bet you did NAZI that coming” jokes on Reddit, others mentioned that Columbia gear also has a suspiciously swastika-like logo.

They are correct about the Columbia logo.

But back to Polar Fox.

The one that leaves Swastikas everywhere can be purchased from Amazon – for the low-low price of $38.99! – and I must say, that it’s quite an attractive looking boot.

In my humble opinion, nothing really compares to the ones worn in the good old days, but I think it’s a good look for any modern Nazi wanting to leave a good impression.