Mystery Meat Car Thief Crashes Vehicle During Police Chase, Kills White Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

Driver Tae’ona Edmonson, left, and passenger Tanairy Portal.

If the remaining five members of this “seven-person car theft ring” are also women, it really was doomed to failure from the beginning.


A Batesville woman is dead and two Florida women are in custody Thursday after a police chase across north Mississippi led to a fatal wreck in Byhalia, authorities say.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol said Lisa Gay of Batesville, Mississippi was killed in the crash at Interstate 22 and 309.

Tae’ona Edmondson of Cape Coral, Florida and Tanairy Portal of Miami are in custody. MHP says the women face charges from multiple jurisdictions, which will be released later.

A source close to the investigation confirmed Friday that the car the suspect was driving in Thursday’s crash was a stolen.

A source also says they have learned that this was part of a seven-person car theft ring out of Miami. They tell us the suspects allegedly stole cars from the Memphis airport area and were taking them back to Florida.

It began at 1 in the afternoon, when DeSoto County authorities attempted to stop a vehicle on U.S. 78, which turns into I-22. The suspect refused to stop and led deputies on a brief chase until they crossed into Marshall County.

DeSoto deputies called Marshall County, whose deputies picked up the high-speed chase.

Deputies said Edmondson crashed her vehicle in Byhalia, killing Gay. Edmondson then got into another vehicle driven by Portal, who had been travelling with her, and the two continued.

When they crossed into Union County, authorities there picked up the chase. The pursuit ended when Edmondson and Portal’s vehicle allegedly hit a Mississippi Highway Patrol vehicle head-on.

Lisa Gay.