Nappy-Ass Hoe Serena Williams Gets $400 Free Meal, Doesn’t Tip

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2016


As anyone who has ever worked in the service sector is aware, the “Blacks don’t tip” rule is 100% true. It is also generally true that women tip a lot less than men.

Daily Mail:

Serena Williams dropped the ball while dining at a famed eatery in New York, failing to tip the waitstaff — and not even thanking them after, it’s been reported.

Williams, 34, visited Ricardo Steak House in East Harlem last weekend and was treated to a free meal, the New York Daily News reported.

Her seven-person entourage racked up an estimated $400 tab at the famed eatery, which the owner was happy to pick up.

But when it came time to tip her servers, the tennis star and her group left a fat zero for tips, the Daily News reported.

‘Not only did Williams not leave a tip, but she left without even saying thank you,’ one witness told the newspaper.

Ricardo Steak house is frequented by a number of celebrities.


Personal Anecdote Time

I delivered pizzas when I was in high school. There weren’t many Blacks in the area at the time, but there were a few. I never got a tip from one ever. They would stand there and wait for coins. Like, it’s $19.65, and these monkeys will give you a twenty and then stand there looking at you.

No joke.

Women weren’t as bad as Blacks, but they were bad. Basically on par with Jews. Never 10%, but they wouldn’t stand there and wait for their coins.

Women would only tip well if they were thirty-something and single and trying to seduce a teenage boy to regain their confidence. Which was surprisingly (at least I’m sure our male feminist readers will be surprised) common.

White men on the other hand tipped very well, almost always. The exception was ones who lived in the one very-rich district in on my route. These rich people were much less generous than working/middle class married men. Single men tipped the best.

People who smoked pot also tipped very well. I mean, this was a noticeable thing.

People who work or have worked in the service sector should share their experiences in the comments below!