National Period Day was Kinda Weird I Think…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2019

I mean.

It seems pretty weird.

I don’t think I should have to think about women’s periods.


Several lawmakers — including a handful of 2020 Democrat candidates — are recognizing National Period Day in order to elevate “the issue of period poverty,” lamenting that it is “outrageous” that some “people” do not have access to basic menstrual products due to their gender identity.

Organizers planned events across the country and encouraged activists to spread awareness online by using the hashtags #NationalPeriodDay and #PeriodPower. A few 2020 Democrat candidates took their cues.

I guess that it’s just that now all female bodily functions are supposed to be celebrated, just because women are sacred.

But it’s still like… pretty gross, I think.

Because the politicians….

Everything is really so bizarre that it’s hard to comment, these days. That problem seems to get worse daily.

This is not the society that I wanted to live in.

OK, Michelle.

I hate women.

I think you all deserve to get tied up and gang-raped. I think you deserve to have all of your teeth knocked out and most of your bones broken. And I think you deserve much worse things.

You have destroyed everything that mattered.

What we have left shouldn’t exist.