National Review Shills Endorsed Paul Ryan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2016


Back in October, The National Review, which is presently in a state of total collapse after launching an evil conspiracy against Donald Trump, endorsed anti-American terrorist Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

Ryan replaced the hated shill John Boehner, and went on to be even worse. Ryan has spent two decades advocating for open borders and is aggressively pro “free trade.”

Though the NRO supports Ryan’s plan for mass immigration and economy-crushing trade deals, he is also a major supporter of “big government,” something which the NRO claims to be against.

Mere weeks after becoming Speaker, Ryan helped push through Obama’s omnibus spending bill. Along with flooding the country with immigrants – including 300,000 more Moslems, many or most of which will come from ISIS countries – the bill funded all of Obama’s “big government” entitlement programs, including Planned Parenthood and massive welfare programs for Blacks and other non-Whites.

“Small government” and “low taxes” are two of the only “positions” the modern open-borders/free trade/wars for Israel conservatives claim to have, and Ryan is completely the opposed to these agendas, just as he is opposed to the country having borders or Americans having jobs.

By endorsing Ryan, the NRO conservatives proved that they don’t simply want to make America poorer and browner as part of some bizarre ideological agenda as they claim,
but in fact simply want to destroy America.

That is what “conservatism” has always been about – destroying America.

Thank God it’s finally over.

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