NATO Happening Now – To Get BTFO by Donald Trump?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2018


Trump referred to Germany as a “captive of Russia.”


New York Times:

Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected President Trump’s claims about Germany’s energy policy.

President Trump is in Brussels as part of a seven-day, three-nation European trip that highlights the ways he has utterly transformed United States foreign policy.

Mr. Trump got off to a confrontational start on Wednesday, disparaging NATO and telling the alliance’s secretary general that other nations must spend more on defense. He also accused Germany of being “captive of Russia” on energy.

The president has upended generations of American diplomacy, antagonizing and belittling traditional allies over issues like defense and trade, while refraining from criticizing Russia, traditionally an adversary.

I’m not sure I get the “I’m Russian? No you’re Russian!” bit, but whatever.

Seems funny.

Original article follows.

NATOfest 2018 just started.


There is a decent chance this will end up being as fun as the G7.

I hope Trump tells all these people to fuck off and announces a pullout of a whole shitton of troops out of the region ahead of his meeting with Putin.

He’s already tweeting.

And I hope he says something about Theresa May false-flag poisoning randos in her own country in order to drum up tensions with Russia.

Theresa has all these problems at home and right now is the perfect time to stick the needle in.


Combating mistrust – not terrorism – may be the top item on the agenda for NATO when it meets in Brussels this week. Usually a scripted snooze-fest, this year’s summit has been billed as a showdown between deeply-divided allies.

Member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will assemble at their new headquarters in Brussels from July 11-12, amid growing unease between Washington and its European allies on issues ranging from defense spending to Donald Trump’s tariffs. NATO members have also expressed concern over reports that Trump is considering withdrawing some of the US troops currently stationed in Germany.

In the run-up to the summit, EU officials have questioned whether the transatlantic alliance can be preserved, with even NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg conceding that “it is not written in stone that the transatlantic bond will survive forever.”

Yeah, the damage is done.

We are sick of paying for your shit while you do nothing for us.

It’s time for a divorce.

Britain has been playing the ‘Russian threat’ card to boost unity among its allies, with some German and US officials already fretting over the Trump-Putin summit on July 16. With the image of the perennial Russian ‘boogeyman’ losing its potency, the alliance may find itself doing a bit a soul-searching in Brussels.

Yeah, what is “the Russian Threat”?

Is that claim that they’re going to invade? Is that still the basic claim, that is generally only hinted at because it sounds so retarded if said out loud?

Financing will be one of the more touchy issues to be deliberated over at length in Brussels. By the end of the year, only eight of NATO’s 29 members (including the United States) will spend at least two percent of their GDP on national defense. Trump has repeatedly called on member states to honor the alliance-wide defense spending agreement – and his frustration may not be entirely unwarranted. In 2017, 74 percent of NATO’s entire defense expenditure was underwritten by the US.

Yeah, fuck that.

Who cares if they spend 2% or not, it is still a fraction of what we spend and we gain nothing from it.

We make friends with Russia and there is no reason for any of this.

Reports emerged last month that Trump even floated the idea of a large-scale withdrawal of the 35,000 US troops currently stationed in Germany, in protest over Berlin’s inadequate financial contribution towards the bloc’s budget. The threat – real or imagined – has sent Europe scrambling to reassess the wisdom of relying so heavily on the United States for its collective defense.

There you go.

We’ve been babysitting your insane anti-Nazi ZOG police state for 73 fucking years.

Time to grow up.

And if that means Nazis retaking power well… then that’s what that means.