Nazi Boyscouts Organize Summer Camp in Sweden

Daily Stormer
July 31, 2016


Where was this when I was a kid? tfw I missed out on Nazi camp…

I don’t even understand how this was allowed. I mean… Nazi summer camp? In Sweden, of all places.

Oh, well. Take it as an inspirational tale: when there’s a will, there’s a way.


(Translated by FlackNOR of TRS)

This summer the German extreme right-wing and nationalist organization is arranging a summer camp in Småland in Sweden. The organization Sturmvogel has deep ties to Nazism. The Expressen newspaper has discovered that the movement has children between the ages of 6 and 16 on a campground where they all wear uniforms, and the organizations flag flies in the flagpole. The flag is red, white and black with a predatory bird in the middle.

From a distance the newspaper has observed the activity in the camp. At 08.30 in the morning there is awakening with shouting and the singing of German volksongs. All girls were dresses with long to medium skirts and braided hair with the boys having shirts and shorts.


Sounds pretty Volkisch tbh fam

German experts claim that the organization is tied with the now forbidden organizations “Wiking Jugend” and “Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend” (HBJ).

Similar organzisations has been banned before, and therefore they are holding their camps outside of Germany, so as not to be banned, says Andrea Röpke, expert on Rightwing extremist children and youth organizations.

These bastards are banning all our crap. It’s sad these German patriots had to have their camps away from the fatherland because their people are living under a hostile occupation government.

Hopefully, once Hofer gets elected in Austria, the Germans will be able to hold their Nazi camps there with no opposition.

Maybe the Austrian Commies will then have to move their summer camps to Norway or something.


Unlike Nazi camp, which is awesome, Commie camp is really boring.

This is the original Swedish article, which you can try to read with Google translate [or you can just learn Swedish, because you’re a NEET and have time for that sort of thing -Ed.] It has more pictures and information on the camps.