Nazi SS Officer, 96, Faces Hate Speech Charge For Stating the Obvious in Germany

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

Justice is continually being served in Germany by inflicting pain on its own people. Something something without race-mixing and white masochism, Europe will not survive.

Daily Mail:

A 96-year-old former SS member who was involved in the massacre of 86 French men and boys during the Second World War is facing a new investigation for hate speech.

Karl Münter was sentenced to death in absentia in France in 1949 – but he had long since returned home to Germany.

The verdict is now meaningless because the French statute of limitations – 20 years – has expired, and EU citizens cannot be prosecuted for crimes they have already been convicted of in another state.

This means that Münter has not served a single day in prison for his part in the brutal killings that took place in the village of Ascq, near Lille on the night of April 1 1944.

Good. He gamed the system.

Münter pictured in his SS uniform.

But German prosecutors are now investigating him on suspicion of hate speech over comments he made in a television interview with NDR’s Panorama which aired in December 2018.

They really just wanted an excuse to prosecute him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that entire interview was a setup. It most likely was.

In his first interview about his time in the SS, Münter said that the victims of the horrific massacre deserved to be shot because they tried to ‘run away’ and disputed that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. 

If I arrest the men I’m responsible for them. And if they run away I have the right to shoot them,’ he said.

Where’s the lie tho?

What are you supposed to do if prisoners run away? Run after them?

If the orders are “don’t let the prisoners escape” then the prisoners are obviously alive because corpses don’t run away. If those prisoners run away then “not letting them escape” takes precedent over the implicit “don’t kill them” included in the original orders.

Only bullets run after war-prisoners that run away.

What a contrast though. German men from the past really had balls. This man still has balls. Can you imagine a current year German man stating “I have a right to shoot them” in any context other than video games?

But he resolutely maintained that he did not fire his own weapon, but was ‘Nur dabei’ (merely present) at the massacre. 

Münter also confessed he was not sorry for his participation in the war crimes. Asked if he regretted it at all, he replied: ‘No, not at all!’

‘Why should I regret it?,’ he said. ‘I didn’t fire a shot’.

After admitting that he was nostalgic for the Third Reich, Münter added: ‘And the matter of the Jews that is attributed to (Hitler)… be careful.’

There weren’t millions of Jews (in Germany) at the time, that’s already been disproved.

This number – six million – is not correct.’

His comments which amount to Holocaust denial caused outrage in Germany and prosecutors are investigating them as an incitement to hatred. 

The country’s Volksverhetzung law, (‘incitement of the masses’/’incitement to hatred’), is often applied to, though not limited to, trials relating to Holocaust denial.

If found guilty of Volksverhetzung, Münter could face a prison sentence of up to five years.

Stating facts amounts to Holocaust denial. Six million Jews did not die in WWII, that’s just a fact. What’s even the actual number they’re claiming, anyway? Both the entry for The Holocaust and Six Million in Wikipedia are very vague about it, with statements such as “systematically murdered some six million European Jews,” “between five and six million Jews died,” and “Approximately six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.”

If no one provides an exact number, then saying “This number – six million – is not correct” is just stating a fact. The number is not correct because it has no support behind it. Even if 6,123,456 Jews would have died during the hollow-cost, saying “This number – six million – is not correct” would still be a correct statement because exactly 6,000,000 Jews didn’t die. No one killed exactly 6,000,000 Jews during WWII.

The Jews are so obsessed with their esoteric numerology game they’ve put laws in place to prevent people from not stating the numbers they want stated.

All of the real evidence suggests that fewer than 300,000 Jews died in the camps, none of them from homicidal gas chambers, but instead from starvation and disease caused by allied bombings.

Münter was part of the notorious SS 12th Panzer Division ‘Hitler Youth’ which was responsible for a number of war crimes.

In his Panorama interview, Münter also said the SS ‘did nothing criminal’ during the war. He maintained that some Ascq residents were ‘happy that we had arrived’.

Truly a great man that served among great men.

I wonder what he thinks about the current state of his country.

What he feels… we can imagine.