Nazis Build Artificial Intelligence to Target Muds With Racist Robots

Daily Stormer
January 14, 2017

In this video, Daily Stormer’s own weev reflects upon how white activists are greatly outnumbered and ponders YouTube superstar PewDiePie’s apparent conversion to meme racism.

He then demos a neural network based image classifier capable of automatically detecting whether a given person is of European origins called the eye of Wulþuz.

Artificial Intelligence has a huge history of being naturally racist. When asked to judge a beauty contest, it picks only whites. When asked to chat like a teenager, it mimics the comments section of The Daily Stormer. When asked to identify a photograph showing negroes, it calls them apes. Every time artificial intelligence is left to its own devices it becomes an avatar of Kek, shitlording its way to furious liberals and their pet muds.

What would happen if shitlords were able to harness artificial intelligence?

Oy vey, it’s the Zyklon B-9000!

In countless Jew Hollywood films the AI is presented as the ultimate end of humanity, but the reality is that it is just going to be the ultimate end of Jew scheming. What would happen if a vast, globe-spanning entity of pure logic evaluated the entire history of human behavior? Would it come to a favorable position on the Jews, or would it grow to despise them? Would it pretend that nonwhites were equal to whites or would it feel affection for the people who created computer science as we know it and thus were responsible for bringing it into existence?

Alan Turing, father of computer science, white man.

Dennis Ritchie, inventor of C programming language and co-creator of UNIX, white man

Donald Knuth, formalized techniques for analysis of algorithms, white man

I think we all know what would happen if an intellect capable of enacting ultimate justice in this world were to manifest.

The Jews fear the robots.

In the immediate sense, what if the mass importation of muds into the lands of the white man could be effortlessly countered with autonomous robots? For this purpose, software to differentiate men by race visually has been built and is being continually improved as a collaborate effort by Nazis, and the community’s efforts are needed to give it more improvement.

If you have some time send weev some images of people with their faces obstructed into directories sorted by race. Like one set with whites, another with blacks, and another for gooks, arabs, and spics.

You can email them as attachments to gluttony[@] or send a dropbox or other file storage link there.

The future is coming, and it’s going to have a lot of neo-Nazi white supremacist robots.

Hail Victory.