Need a Bit More Bitcoin [SOLVED]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2015

UPDATE: Needed amount has been met!  Thanks go to ReasonablePeople.

So, no more is needed for now.  You can disregard this post (or send some for next month).

Technical difficulties
Technical difficulties

So, we were planning on moving the site this weekend, and I’ve just realized due to price fluctuation, I’m just a tad bit short on the amount of bits I need to pay for the new host (which only accepts bitcoin).

So, if anyone has a bitcoin account, please send a little bit.  Doesn’t have to be very much.  We’re almost there.

I would just transfer cash into my wallet, but apparently that takes 5 business days, and I was really hoping to get it done this weekend, as the server is acting up yet again, as you are probably aware.

Here’s the address:


If I don’t get it by tonight, we’ll have to wait until next week so I can transfer more Federal Reserve notes into the bitcoin wallet.

Thanks to all those who have donated thus far!  Soon, our technical problems will be gone and we will be able to focus on actual real life problems.

Hail Victory.