Negress Arrested for Killing White Man in Hit-and-Run Crash and Destroying the Evidence

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

Joanna Goodfellow.

This negress is clearly a high yellow, which might explain why she actually put some time and effort into covering her tracks and misleading the investigation.

Most regular dark-skinned blacks ain’t got time fo’ that sheeiiitt.


Memphis police have arrested a woman in connection to a deadly 2017 hit-and-run near Overton Square.

Jail records show Joanna Goodfellow, 34, is facing charges for aggravated assault, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident involving a death, tampering with and/or fabricating evidence and driving without a valid license.

Investigators believe Goodfellow was behind the wheel of the car that killed Christopher Phillips near Overton Square in February 2017. Police say Phillips was crossing the street at Madison and Morrison when a Ford Mustang hit him and kept driving.

A civil suit filed in 2018 claimed Goodfellow worked with accomplices to hide the vehicle, destroy evidence and mislead investigators.

Goodfellow was indicted for the hit-and-run in October 2018 but was just arrested Tuesday, according to a spokesperson for the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office.

Christopher Phillips.

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