Negro Basketball Player Suspended from College for Elbowing White Rival

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

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Fitchburg State basketball player Kewan Platt has been suspended and kicked off campus for an indefinite period for flagrantly elbowing his opponent in the face during a Division III college game.

The incident took place on Tuesday when Fitchburg State was hosting the Nichols College Bisons.

In the second period, the Bisons’ Nate Tenaglia netted a three pointer only to be sent sprawling to the floor moments later after a sickening elbow to the face from Platt. The Fitchburg player appeared to check whether the baseline referee was watching him before landing the elbow strike.

Another referee who spotted the vicious shot handed Platt a second technical foul which led to his immediate ejection.

Following the incident – which was deemed “disgusting” by many fans – the Fitchburg State community apologized for the player’s behavior and promised to hand down punishment accordingly.