Negro Canadian Football Player Fined for Denying the Jew Hoax on Twitter

Daily Slave
May 18, 2015

Mayne I aint eben no I aint pose ta do dat.
Mayne I aint eben no I aint pose ta do dat.

Professional sports leagues are such a joke.  They’re mostly all run or dominated by Jews and are ripe with all sorts of politically correct garbage.  This story proves it yet again.

A Negro Canadian Football League player was fined after sending tweets containing material that denied the retarded Jewish Holocaust hoax.  He was then forced to apologize otherwise they would have likely banned him from the league for life or something.

If they can’t get you for “hate speech”, they’ll try to go after your livelihood if you criticize Jews or deny their stupid hoax.  After all, sports figures questioning their hoax will result in another 60 trillion Jews getting gassed and manufactured into laundry detergent.

Fox Sports:

A CFL player was fined and apologized on Friday for making inappropriate tweets.

Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell took to Twitter and made inappropriate statements, including linking to a Holocaust denial video.

Mitchell, a defensive tackle who previously spent two years on the San Francisco 49ers’ practice squad, posted a link to a video titled “The greatest lie ever told — The Holocaust” on May 8.

The CFL Playes’ Association and B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish human-rights organization, were both part of the apology.

“I wholeheartedly apologize to all those who I know I let down by posting those videos, especially those who look up to me as a professional athlete,” Mitchell said. “I fell into a trap by watching that video and I hope others can learn from my very public mistake.

“This is a learning moment for me.”

“I believe the Holocaust happened,” Mitchell told the National Post. “I believe that people died at the Holocaust. I believe that the Holocaust is an example of pure hatred, in its purest sense, on this earth, that we even know of –€” and that we should look into it and examine it for its authenticity, to understand how much hate could have been amassed on one people.”