Negro Felon League Players Continue Their Support of Black Riots

Daily Slave
December 8, 2014

What nigga what?
What nigga what?

At this point, it has become impossible for me to watch the Negro Felon League because each team has a ridiculous amount of Negro players.  It is almost as if they recruit the players from Africa at this point.

With that said, it is not a surprise that we now see more professional athletes including NFL and NBA players support the continuing Black protests and riots throughout America.  These apes don’t even know what they are protesting.  They are just protesting because they see all of this stuff on television and they think it is cool to support their fellow monkeys who have had their feelings hurt.

"I cent breev n naw aym fugged ded dawg." -Eric Garner in a recent statement against Whites
“I cent breev n naw aym fugged ded dawg.” -Eric Garner in a recent statement against Whites


Several NFL players showed their support Sunday for the “I can’t breathe” protests sweeping the United States demanding justice for black men who have died at the hands of white policemen.

On Saturday, Chicago Bulls NBA star Derrick Rose wore a T-shirt bearing the words, which have become the slogan of the demonstrations in major US cities because they were the last phrase uttered by a black father of six in New York when police placed him in a chokehold.

Eric Garner died, but a grand jury on Wednesday decided not to charge a white police officer, triggering days of protests in several US cities.

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush wore a top with “I can’t breathe” written on it ahead of an NFL game on Sunday, as did Cleveland Browns ace Johnson Bademosi.

Davin Joseph, a St Louis Rams guard, wrote the same words on his cleats and tweeted it, along with the caption: “RIP Eric Garner.”

I don’t think there is much question that these protests and riots are being financed and coordinated by Jewish agitators.  We know it is being promoted by their media outlets.  It is like a repeat of the 1960s when Jews teamed up with Blacks to create chaos and discord.

The Jews are basically attempting to stir up these retarded Black people to attack White people while they count their shekels.  Now they have these Negro pro athletes helping them with this agenda.

Isn’t this great?  Don’t you just love multicultural, multiracial America?  I for one don’t.  I think it sucks.  I want these Blacks sent back to Africa and America to become a nation of White European peoples.