Negro Felon League Preseason Kicks Off with More National Anthem Protests

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2018

National anthem protests and black power salutes plagued the first series of NFL preseason games. This continued disrespect of America by these filthy apes is unacceptable.

The National Football League, more commonly referred to as the Negro Felon League, had its first series of preseason games on Thursday. In case you are a new reader and are wondering why the NFL is called the Negro Felon League, it is really very simple. The NFL has many low IQ Negroid players many of who can’t stop committing felonies. They seem to think that they are living in the jungles of Africa and can get away with things like rape, murder, assault and cannibalism. The thing is, they are not living in the jungles of Africa, they are living in the United States of America. In America, we have laws designed to discourage this type of behavior so we can maintain a functioning social order.

So far, it has proven to be very difficult if not impossible to take the jungle out of these jungle apes. Many of them continue to disrespect America by kneeling as the national anthem is played before games. This happened a great deal last season and it is continuing into this season.

During the first few preseason games, a handful of these Negroids took a knee as the national anthem was played. Others raised their fist in a “black power” salute.


Player demonstrations took place during the national anthem at several early NFL preseason games Thursday night.

In Miami, Kenny Stills and two other Dolphins players protested during the anthem before their 26-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Receivers Stills and Albert Wilson kneeled behind teammates lined up standing along the sideline. Defensive end Robert Quinn stood and raised his right fist, as he did during the anthem last season while with the Los Angeles Rams. There were no apparent demonstrations by the Buccaneers.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins raised a fist to protest social injustice during the playing of the national anthem Thursday. Teammate Chris Long put his arm around Jenkins as a show of support.

“As a black man in this world, I’ve got an obligation to raise awareness,” Quinn said. “If no one wants to live in unity, that’s why we’re in the situation we’re in.”

Earlier this year, the league tried to strike a compromise with the players’ union to ban this behavior. Those talks have failed so the players are still free to disrespect America and face no consequences from the league’s front office.

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump made an official statement expressing his great displeasure at what was happening.

He’s 100 percent right. They should be suspended without pay for disrespecting America. And they definitely do not know what they’re protesting. Originally these protests were supposedly about Neo-Nazi police officers committing violence on blacks. But now there’s no clear reason why any of them are protesting and during the national anthem no less. One of the Negroid players said he is protesting to raise awareness, but awareness of what? There’s literally no coherent explanation of what they want.

When Neo-Nazi police officers fail to police blacks, they just end up killing each other. What’s been happening in Chicago is a perfect example of this. Clearly, the violent and savage nature of the Negroid beast is the only thing that we should be raising awareness of.

Long story short, this type of ridiculous behavior from these Negroid players is just going to cause more and more people to stop watching the product. Stadium attendance and television ratings plunged last year as these protests went on. We’ll likely see the same thing happen this year.

And hell, why would White people want to keep watching a bunch of overpaid and overgrown apes who are disrespecting the country their forefathers built? All Whites need to boycott the NFL. There’s far more productive things to be done with one’s time than watching this weekly ape circus.