Negro Felon League Week 12 & 13: Free Tickets Can’t Even Fill a Stadium

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

NFL teams are continuing to have an extremely difficult time filling their stadiums with fans. It’s fair to say that the cultural significance of the league is in decline. This is largely due to the rampant Africanization of the league.

Stadium attendance for the National Football League otherwise known as the Negro Felon League keeps getting worse. The stadium pictures taken by fans over the past couple of weeks paint an abysmal picture of how people feel about the league.

Week 12:

Week 13:

Only a short time ago, it was a rarity to see NFL games not sell out a stadium. Now, you see half empty stadiums around the league every week.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers even tried giving out free tickets to try and fill the stadium. The effort was unsuccessful.

NBC News:

The Buccaneers, desperate to fill Raymond James Stadium, offered two free tickets to every season-ticket holder for last Sunday’s game against the Panthers. It didn’t work.

As recently explained by SportsBusiness Daily, the venue remained at only 80-percent capacity for the game, with 52,568 persons at the 65,618-seat facility. Per the Charlotte Observer, the upper deck as “sparsely populated and the lower bowl wasn’t a heck of a lot better.”

In other NFL related news, a Negro player named Kareem Hunt who led the league in rushing yards last year was released from the Kansas City Chiefs. His release came after video footage of him kicking some drunk THOT was published by TMZ.

But the incident was relatively mild and it appeared as if the drunk THOT instigated the entire situation.

Ironically, the league seems to have no problem with Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon playing in the league. This despite the fact that he knocked the shit out of a girl at a fast food restaurant while in college a few years ago. When one compares the footage, it is obvious that what Mixon did was far worse than anything Hunt did.

But all of this insanity is why we call the NFL the Negro Felon League. If the league didn’t draft these low IQ savages, they wouldn’t be having all these problems. But because Negroes are able to run a few tenths faster on average in the 40 yard dash, NFL teams draft and spend millions of dollars on these apes. It’s completely insane.

The Africanization of the NFL is a major reason why people have tuned out and no longer pay attention to it. And because of this Africanization, the NFL should expect to have one public relations disaster after another. These Negro players can’t control their behavior and it doesn’t matter how many millions of dollars teams pay them.

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