Negro Felon League Week 15: Poor Attendance and Ratings Yet Again

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2017

As we have discussed over the past several weeks, the National Football League, better known as the Negro Felon League, has hit tough times. The national anthem protests have ruined the league’s brand, resulting in fewer and fewer people attending and watching games.

Week 15 was no different. Check out some of these pictures.

Ratings for the league’s Thursday Night Football game were the lowest of the season.


For whatever the reason — pre-holiday activities, housecleaning, work, or simply catching up on sleep — most people had better things to do than watch Thursday Night Football in Week 15.

As such, Thursday’s tilt featuring the Denver Broncos playing at the Indianapolis Colts drew the lowest ratings of this year’s Thursday night games. According to a report by Dominic Patten of Deadline, last night’s game drew 7.4/13 in “metered market results.”

Per the report, this year’s Thursday night finale attracted 26 percent less viewership than the final TNF game that took place last season.

It is interesting how all of these mainstream-oriented sites keep making excuses for the poor ratings and attendance. We all know why people are tuning out. It is because the league is filled with large numbers of overgrown apes who have been disrespecting the country. They just don’t want to admit the obvious.

Currently, the NFL has the highest unfavorable ratings out of all the big sports leagues.

After the 9/11 attacks, all of the major sports leagues including the NFL closely aligned itself with patriotism and the military. The league was marketed around these things for a long period of time. That is why these national anthem protests have been so damaging. These players have stupidly undermined this marketing strategy and disrespected patriotic White Americans.

We can expect more empty seats and low ratings next week as well. It sure is fun watching the decline of this monkey ball crap though. It is proof that we are winning the culture war.