Negro Felon League Week 4: Empowered Team of Womyn Announcing Games Now!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

The Negro Felon League now has a team of empowered womyn doing commentary for monkey ball games. This is a great way to further alienate White males who used to be the NFL’s core audience.

Just when you thought the National Football League more popularly known as the Negro Felon League couldn’t get worse, it got worse. I’m not just talking a little worse, I’m talking a lot worse!

Thursday Night Football games are now featuring an all womyn commentator team. Not surprisingly, there’s been a great deal of backlash to this decision.


Since Amazon announced Tuesday that sportscasters Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer would become the first all-women team to call NFL games, the pair has faced public backlash.

Displeased sports fans have been critical of their knowledge of football as well as their qualifications as commentators — and complained that Amazon had hired the women to call games. Storm is an anchor at ESPN’s SportsCenter and Kremer, an award recipient of the Pro Football Hall of Fame for broadcasting, is a correspondent at the NFL Network.

Contrary to the propaganda in the Jewish media, there is nothing historic or noteworthy about this. It’s sort of like telling a kid with Down Syndrome that he’s the best sprinter in the world because he won the 100 meter dash at the Special Olympics.

You can’t claim that something a White man has already done repeatedly is historic just because a womyn or a nigger was able to do it.

And not to get off track, but did you know that the NFL has had a female referee for a few years now?

The only reason any of this insanity has happened is because of affirmative action and feminism – both of which have been promoted by Jews and their evil media enterprises. If employers had a real choice, they’d be hiring White men for every important position because they are the most competent at performing tasks and doing real work.

But man, having a couple of bitchy empowered womyn commentate nigger ball games is not going to be good for ratings. They’re just driving people away from watching the product with these horrible decisions. It’s literally a gift that keeps on giving.

On top of the womyn announcer team debacle, there were many empty seats around the league this past week.

It’s looking like we’ll be seeing empty seats throughout the entire season. People are not interested in the League any longer.

The national anthem circus definitely played a major role in people losing interest in the NFL, but that’s just one of several factors. Along with all the tiring antics we see from the Negro players, the league is becoming increasingly soft and feminized. It’s become less and less fun to watch for the typical sports fan.

The NFL is becoming a bigger joke each and every week. Any White man who watches this garbage should be embarrassed for himself and his family. There’s literally a million other things one can do with their time that is more productive and fulfilling than watch this feminized nigger ball junk.