Negro Felon League Week 5: Empty Seat Circus Continues

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018

White men should not be wasting their time watching a sports league that features African savages chasing after an oval shaped pig bladder. 

Week 5 of the Negro Felon League season has come and gone. The one thing that has remained constant throughout the season is the fact that many teams are incapable of filling their stadiums. When you consider that NFL teams only have eight regular season home games a year, this represents a major problem for these franchises. They are losing a tremendous amount of revenue by not being able to put asses in seats.

Here’s a few photos from this past week’s games.

There haven’t been nearly as many national anthem protests this year so the league has managed to avoid the deluge of bad press that they got bludgeoned with last year. This has allowed the league’s television ratings to recover a bit. The ratings have been a mixed bag though. What’s clear is that the league has not come close to recovering from the damage they’ve suffered as a result of the protests. The damage appears to be permanent.

There was however one player who took a knee during the national anthem this week so this national anthem protest thing is still continuing.

The commissioner’s office is continuing to let these Negroes disrespect America at will. That alone is reason enough to continue boycotting the league.

And on a side note, look at what this horribly racist person posted on Twitter.

And how about this.

Oh well, I guess that’s why we call it the Negro Felon League. The league’s players are mostly Negroes who commit many crimes.

What’s really interesting is that the average fan who doesn’t care about politics, protests, Negro criminality and what not is getting sick of the product. The game has gotten soft and this fact is becoming more and more obvious to fans as each week goes by.

These fans are not wrong. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t tackle the quarterback without getting a penalty. The Michael Bennett roughing the passer call referenced in the tweets above was absolutely one of the most absurd penalty calls ever.

And someone posted a compilation on YouTube documenting all sorts of questionable roughing the passer calls that have taken place in just the first three weeks of the season.

So even if you take the politics out of it, the sport itself is going to complete and total shit. It’s become an unwatchable form of entertainment.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to continue boycotting the NFL. If you know friends who are still watching this garbage, you should shame them for continuing to do so. It’s been fully transformed into a pussy sports league filled with African criminals. There is zero reason for White men of good character to be spending their time watching and supporting any of this crap.