Negro Felon League Week 7: More Enthusiasm for Trump’s Rallies than Football Games

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

We’re back with another report detailing the sad state of affairs that is the National Football League otherwise known as the Negro Felon League.

Based on the attendance of these games, it is safe to say that there’s more enthusiasm for Donald Trump’s political rallies than these stupid football matches. The league has lost the cultural significance it once had, and it will never be the same again.

Here’s your weekly roundup of the empty stadiums that were spotted around the league.

Just compare what we’re seeing in the NFL to the recent rally Trump held in Houston, Texas. There were people pitching tents outside the stadium the night before to solidify a prime spot to see the president speak.

Not only did they fill the stadium to capacity, but there were massive crowds outside who were unable to get in. Reportedly around 100,000 people submitted an RSVP for the event.

It’s good to see that people are now more energized by the populist politics of Trump than they are by meaningless football games. The outcome of a professional football game is of little to no importance, but what’s unfolding in the political sphere is of great importance. The future direction of our country is at stake and we should be optimistic that the engagement is as high as it is.

One last thing on the NFL that’s worth noting. A couple of Negro players who supported the national anthem protests got into an altercation this week during the coin toss. One Negro told the other Negro that he was a sell out to their cause because he struck a deal with the NFL to not kneel if the NFL donated $90 million to Negro charity causes.

Talk about a ridiculous situation. The Negro fatigue is really setting in for me. Why can’t these blacks just go back to Africa? Have these blacks not heard of Liberia? The capital city Monrovia is a great tourist destination. Not as good as Lagos, Nigeria but still good.