Negro Stabs Mudshark Housemate 49 Times After Arguing About Food

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Tywaun Sims-Scott, right.

Most mudsharks end up paying the toll at some point in their lives.

This one, however, paid it 49 times.

But here’s the surprise twist: the murderer wasn’t her nog boyfriend, but her noggier housemate!


What started as an argument about sharing a plate of sausage and eggs ended with a woman being stabbed to death by her housemate.

Washtenaw County Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Allecia Wilson testified in court Wednesday that 19-year-old Jamie Barsegian died three months ago in her Ypsilanti apartment from 49 stab wounds to her chest, neck, abdomen and appendages.

Barsegian’s accused killer, Tywaun Sims-Scott, was bound over for trial on one felony count of open murder after the hearing before 14-A2 District Judge Kirk Tabbey on Sept. 26.

The recordings were difficult to hear, but in them Sims-Scott admitted he had been living in an apartment in the 700 block of Green Road with Barsegian and her boyfriend for two weeks when he got into an argument with Barsegian while her boyfriend was at work.

Barsegian wanted to eat some sausage and eggs Sims-Scott had cooked and he refused, initiating the argument, he said in the recording.

There was also talk about Sims-Scott being kicked out of the apartment prior to this argument, police said.

He threatened to text Barsegian’s boyfriend and to slap her before she threatened to get a gun stored in the apartment, he said.

As she went into the bedroom and began going through drawers, allegedly looking for the gun, Sims-Scott grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went to the bedroom to confront her, he said.

She screamed when she saw he had a knife and he stabbed her in the abdomen before she fell to the floor, according to the recording.

He stabbed her several times in her throat to silence her screams as she tried to fight back, Lowry said describing the defensive wounds found on Barsegian’s arms.

Jamie Barsegian with her mulatto pet.