Negro to Serve at Least 30 Years in Prison for Killing White Teen During Drug Robbery

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Luqman Yusuf Keys.

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Luqman Yusuf Keys, a gunman now 19 years old who shot and killed the man he was robbing in 2017, will serve at least 30 years in prison, based on the sentence imposed Friday in Shawnee County District Court.

Keys was sentenced to a life term in prison in his conviction of felony first-degree murder in the death of Arden King, 18, on June 25, 2017, and a consecutive term of seven years and 10 months for the conviction of aggravated robbery of King and a second man. Keys will receive credit for about 18 months served in jail while awaiting trial.

Shawnee County District Court Judge Mark Braun also sentenced Keys to a concurrent prison term of eight months for a conviction of criminal possession of a weapon by a felon. The concurrent term means it will be served at the same time as the other sentences.

During the trial in November, Keys testified he shot King in self-defense. Keys earlier had said he went to an apartment at 715 SW Taylor to buy some marijuana and claimed King was coming at Keys with the intent to hurt him when Keys shot him.

After King was shot, the gunman and a second man scooped up the marijuana, cash in a glass jar and perhaps the scale inside the apartment, the witness said.

On Nov. 30, 2018, jurors convicted Keys of first-degree murder of King and aggravated robbery during events on June 25, 2017, in King’s apartment at 715 S.W. Taylor. King and a second man were unarmed, a witness testified.

Arden King.