Negro Who Killed Elderly White Man Laughs During Courtroom Appearance

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

He wasn’t even in court for the murder – this was for an unrelated crime!


A murder suspect linked to the killing an elderly man threw his head back and laughed during a courtroom appearance.

Larry Bell was unable to contain his mirth while appearing on a separate embezzlement of a motor vehicle charge in Brevard County, Florida, on Wednesday.

Larry Bell.

He laughed after being told he would only be able to go free on bond if he paid $10,000 in New Mexico, where he is said to have taken the car from an ex-employer.

Bell is described as a person of interest in the shooting of 61 year-old Bobby Knight Jr.

Knight was found dead in his car in Palm Bay, Florida, in the early hours of Tuesday.

Palm Bay Police told WFTV that they do not believe Knight was shot in a random attack – but have refused to comment further on a possible motive for the killing.

Bell has not been charged with the murder, which cops continue to investigate.

Bobby Knight Jr.