Negroid Criminal Obama Appears on Letterman to Condemn White America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2015

The creepy mulatto weirdo Barack Obama has appeared on the David Letterman Show to once again condemn White America for not doing enough to help violent Black rioters (clip doesn’t have all the best bits, full interview is here).

Continuing on his “America is evil” theme, which has been a mainstay of his public persona since he was elected President, he said that America has a “legacy of racism,” and that we Whites need to do more for Black people if we want them to stop burning down all of our bitches.

“If we want to get past this, we have to make a little bit more effort,” he said, without attempting to explain what that effort would look like.

One would think that most Americans are sick of being raped and robbed, sick of being threatened on the street, sick of seeing them riot and burn things, sick of spending billions in tax money to pay for their free everything, and would be more than willing to put in more than “a little bit more effort” to make this horrorshow stop.  But in order to put in that effort, Mr. President, we are going to have to know what needs to be done.  As you are the one saying we need to do something, you are obligated to tell us what that something is, I feel.

He went on: “A lot of what we have seen in Ferguson, Baltimore and New York has been going on for a long time. But when we see it on video it is hard to deny it.”

Yes, you would be correct, Mr. President.  Cellphone cameras have not been good for the public image of Black people.  Those of us who had spent time living in urban America in cities with high Black populations were already aware of these particular behaviors of the Dindus, but suburbia is just now waking up to how serious this thing is.

Here are some more clips from the interview, just so you can see what an awkward weirdo this Obama guy is.

See – you mix two races together and lose each’s best qualities.  Obama is nearly as stupid as any piss-guzzling African bushman, and yet he lacks the natural Black swagger and instead comes across as an insecure and confused pervert.

If we were going to have a Black President – if that was as socially necessary as these people who said that claim – why couldn’t it be a real Black guy like Gucci Mane.

Seriously, if Presidential interviews looked like this:

It would at least be funny.  At least we would have that.

Seriously.  If I’m going to have a Black President, I want him rapping, selling drugs, shooting people, throwing women out of moving cars, constantly talking about how much money he has and threatening his interviewers during recorded interviews.  None of this “I’m Black but I try to act White I’m just not good at it and come across as creepy” crap.

Seriously.  Let’s get a Gucci Mane/Rick Ross ticket.