Negroid Female Scales Statue of Liberty to Protest… The Time Magazine Baby or Whatever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2018

This is a strange act.

I don’t think it is appropriate.

Fox News:

A woman was escorted down from the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday after she scaled the bottom part of the national monument in protest of U.S. immigration policy, sparking a nearly four-hour standoff with authorities.

The woman, identified as Therese Okoumou, appeared to be sitting near the feet of Lady Liberty — roughly 25 feet above the monument’s observation point. She was apprehended by police Wednesday, hours after she ascended the monument on Independence Day.

Video taken by news helicopters showed two New York Police Department officers, attached to tethers, climb up to the base around 6:15 p.m. — the time of the park’s closing — and apprehend the woman.

The park was shut down hours before closing time and was evacuated as a precaution, a National Park Service official told Fox News.

Everyone knew it was a black woman when they heard about this story, because you know – good climbers.


That’s quite a climb.

I’ve done rock climbing quite a bit, and I don’t think I could make that climb.

Hold up – maybe: it looks like she had to have gone up where the doorway is. That arch there.

But standing on the peak of that arch and pulling up onto the ledge, which is slanted at a 45 degree angle… I could do it. But a woman doing it, even a black woman, is impressive. That is going to require some upper-body strength, and a real grip.

What I still don’t understand is how these liberals are convincing all these blacks to protest the Time Magazine baby.

I mean, apparently nigras like to do sex on latinx females.

But the males aren’t out there protesting.

It’s these negresses.

To be fair, they are a minority – the majority are latinos and whites (and Jews, obviously).

But a fair amount of negresses.

Are they being paid?

Why would they want to split their gibs?

Every black I’ve ever had a conversation with started ranting about immigrants.

One just stabbed up an immigrant birthday party.

I guess maybe they’re just dumb and hate white people, and view this as an opportunity to express hatred for whites.