Neo-Nazi Enabler @jack Refuses to Ban Nazi Exterminationist Alex Jones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2018

Alex Jones exposed the illuminati plot to put fluoride in the water to dumb down the population.

He stopped Bill Gates’ plan to send vaccines to exterminate African children.

He resolved the secret behind the Georgia Guidestones.

He discovered that all media is secretly controlled by the “communist Chinese” (an anti-Semitic slur).

He sold pills that made men super-human, so they could commit mega-crimes.

He exposed chemtrails. 

But @jack wants to defend this?

Thankfully, we’ve got former assistant press secretary for the National Security Council under Obama – who also happens to be the former Twitter communications director Emily Horne – who also happens to be a Brookings Institute fellow – out there demanding his fat, hatefilled ass be shut down.

She may know how to suck a dick six ways to Sunday, but she also knows how to shut down a hatred or two.

Howard Dean, who you may remember from that video where he is screaming, also jumped into the hopped-up hysteria, calling for the madman Jones to be shut down.

It is shocking that @jack is enabling nazism and violence in this way.

But it isn’t surprising – he is going with the goyim flow. Playing to the crowd of evil goyim. An NYT poll showed that Twitter is mainly supported by evil, hatefilled goyim, who want to see Jews lampshaded or at the very least soaped.

I can’t help but realize that hipster @jack is the only goy among the tech company leaders.

Facebook’s Jew Zuckerberg shut down the madman Jones.

Google (YouTube) Jews shut him down.

I guess this is one of the many reasons so many people believe that all remaining goyim control of any kind of anything should be immediately handed over to the Jews.

They are more responsible.

They know right from wrong.

They know when it is time to shut it all down.