Neo-Nazi Extremist Lauren Southern Banned From Performing in New Zealand

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

The term “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” never had any actual meaning. No one can explain what it is. The Jews can’t explain it.

So Lauren Southern might as well be one because like, she says black people in South Africa should stop slaughtering white farmer families.


Right-wing activist Lauren Southern has fallen victim to yet another last-minute venue cancellation, after the owner of a New Zealand building recieved complaints about Southern and co-speaker Stefan Molyneux’s platform.

The self-described “alt-media” pair was swinging by Auckland on the final stop in their antipodean tour, fresh off the back of visiting Australia, where Southern begged God not to “nuke Melbourne” for it’s supposed Biblical sins. Dogged by controversy, it appears that strife followed them across the Tasman with their only New Zealand venue canceling at the last minute.

lol begging God not to nuke places for their sins is funny.

She must have gotten a new writing team.

Due to a raft of complaints, owner of Auckland’s Powerstation venue Gabrielle Mullins canceled the event, citing a disagreement with the speakers’ message. “As soon as we found out [what their message was], we weren’t comfortable at all because it goes against quite a lot of things that we say,” the owner told the NZ Herald. “They can say whatever they want but personally I don’t want it in my venue.”

Southern took to Twitter, lampooning yet another cancelation by quoting the Lord of the Rings, a film New Zealand is famous for. “One does not simply walk into a venue in New Zealand,” she wrote to her 387,000 followers.

Now that joke… not so funny.

Give control of your Twitter account to your male writing staff, Lauren. Stick to the male-scripted cam-whoring. Stay on the reservation.

Funny that Molyneux is on tour with her.

I didn’t know that.

He needs a new manager. This is a guy with actual interesting ideas (sometimes).

Wtf is he doing touring with a woman?

I guess he’s doing it for the money?

Do people really do things for money anymore?

I just can’t imagine what people do with money at this point in time… I mean, you need what, exactly? Food, iPhones, computers… everything is so cheap.

Obviously you need some money, but he has plenty of money to live.

So shouldn’t he be concerned instead about his legacy?

That’s all I ever personally think about. I’m not bragging – it’s actually a selfish thing.

I simply place more value on leaving an impact that lasts after my death than making money that I wouldn’t even know what to buy with.

Seriously, when bitcoin skyrocketed to $20,000, I went in the fancy mall and was like “I’ve been working really hard for many years, now I’ve got a bit extra money, I’m gonna buy myself something nice.”

And I couldn’t find a single thing. 

I just ended up going to Zara and buying some new black t-shirts because the ones I had had holes in them and I kept forgetting to buy new ones.

I just want to pour any money I have into my projects.

Like, I just don’t have any idea what people are doing with this money. Men I mean. Women obviously just suck up money like a vacuum and spend it on trivial nonsense.

Maybe that is Molyneux’ situation. He’s got a woman demanding MORE MORE MORE – MORE MORE MORE!

In the midnight hour.