Neon-Nazi Czech PM Demands Migrants Go Home; Leave Europeans Alone

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

Is this man a Neon-Nazi?

He must be. Because he’s making so much sense.


The Czech prime minister has called for the return to their home countries of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants currently in Europe, suggesting funds could be spent on a Marshall Plan to help improve African economies.

“There are 700,000 illegal migrants,” Andrej Babis said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper. “They need to go home.”

Babis has long railed against the implementation of EU-imposed migrant quotas, along with the leaders of neighboring Slovakia, Hungary and Poland – collectively known as the Visegrad Group. He has previously labeled the quotas “absurd” and “not effective.”

At the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, approximately two million non-EU citizens were believed to be present in member states. While many of these were refugees fleeing Syria’s devastating civil war, thousands also made the journey as economic migrants from Africa.

Look, these people are rapists, they’re murderers, and some of them are good people, I suppose. But they have to go back.

The one problem I have with his admittedly based proposal is that he wants to give these people even more money.

I’m all for just air-dropping them from cargo planes with or without parachutes and then letting them starve.

But Babis wants to give them KFC money.

The Babis plan. 

As long as the Germans pay for it though, the Czechs won’t really care.

And that’s how it has been in Europe for many years now. 

Germans doing their wacky shenanigans and everyone going along with it – this time because dem German bucks were so appetizing.

I’m just kidding. Germans are my favorite Europeans after Russians.

Now, every single Eastern European politician needs to make a tough decision: keep getting German gibs and refugees or no more German gibs and no more refugees.

Naturally, they would prefer to keep the German gibs AND not have to take refugees.

An entirely new class of politician will rise in Europe. Those that can maintain the best balance between gibs and migrants will rise to the top the quickest.

We will just have to see how Babis fares going forward.