Netanyahu’s Son Tries His Darnest to Spark War Between Israel and Turkey

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

Yair Netanyahu is a shitposter who clearly knows some /pol/-tier memes.

This is known. 


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, made a controversial Instagram post which read “F*ck Turkey,” amid the diplomatic row between the two countries over Monday’s ‘ massacre’ in Gaza.

Yair Netanyahu posted an image of the text that looked like the Turkish flag, which is red with a white star and crescent, to his Instagram story. In Yair’s image, the crescent replaced the letter ‘c’ in the word ‘f*ck.’

The controversial post comes in the wake of Turkey expelling Israel’s ambassador, Eitan Naeh, from Ankara in response to Israel’s killing of 60 Palestinians at the Great Return March protests in Gaza on Monday. Ankara also withdrew its ambassador in Tel Aviv along with its ambassador in the US. Israel responded with tit-for-tat measures. 

The tweet – now deleted – in question:

Look, I’m not going to comment on how based or not this is.

The reason: Jews hating Moslems isn’t exactly news to anyone at this point. It’s not really worth getting all excited about. This doesn’t make them our greatest ally.

Furthermore, there is a left-wing, right-wing Jew divide that while largely cosmetic, does indeed exist within Israel and in the Jewish diaspora.

I have no doubt that Papa Jew does indeed hate Arabs, Turks and Moslems in general. He is a former IDF man, after all.

And I’m sure his son shares his anti-Moslem sentiments. 

But expressing anti-Moslem sentiments isn’t exactly controversial in Israel. These people massacre thousands of Arabs every time they make an armed incursion into Gaza (or they just shoot at them from beyond the wall, or drop bombs on them from the air). And they get away with it every time because the US has their back in the UNSC.

It’s sickening to see Netanyahu visit the US Congress and to see the bought and paid for Shabbos politicians give him standing ovations.

Is he “fuckin based” for hating Moslems and trying to start wars in the Middle East?

No, I don’t think so. 

And unlike a lot of Boomers, I don’t derive second-hand feelings of patriotism by seeing Jews harass Moslems in the open-air prison camp of Gaza.

I see this all for what it is: a trial-run for what the Jews want to do with us when they have enough power.

do however want to see the Turks and the Israelis fight. 

A member of NATO against our greatest ally will make for interesting entertainment.

Furthermore, I’m not going to cry over two countries that I hate duking it out if it comes to that.

As long as the US doesn’t get involved, let them fight.

But it is standard Israeli practice to try and get the US to come in on their side when they’re facing off against Moslems in the region.

So the chances of us staying out of the hypothetical fight are virtually nil. 

Meanwhile, Bibi is facing a lot of trouble at home over corruption and the left-wing faction of Jews agitating against his policies.

But should you ever feel a slight tinge of sympathy for Bibi’s “right-wing” government, remember this.

Netanyahu tried to send Israel’s unwanted non-White refugees to the West.

And that’s Israel’s policy in a nutshell: nationalism for me, but not for thee.

So, forgive me, but I’m not exactly going to be cheering and getting a second-hand Crusader high off Yair’s aggressive shit-posting.

Until these “based” right-wing Jews start coming out openly and demanding that Europe remains European and stop meddling in our affairs, bribing our politicians and letting their cousins poison the minds of our youth with their propaganda, they’re no allies of mine.