Netflix Adds Trans Character to Reboot of “Rocko’s Modern Life,” Makes “Transitioning” Central to the Plot

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2019

The Gay is in schools’ and universities’ curricula, in the medical and mental health professions, and even in our laws.

But it’s not enough.

The Gay has to be everywhere.

The past has to be corrected — rebooted — to include it.

It is the Human Right of kids to be touched by the Gender Unicorn’s horn.

Daily Mail:

Netflix has rebooted hit 90s cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life, and this time there is a transgender character included in the line-up of roles – much to the delight of fans.

The series, which originally ended in 1996, was known for pushing boundaries with its risque adult dialogue, however the newly-released 45-minute-long movie-style reboot, Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, is now breaking barriers after its creative team decided to introduce its first ever transgender character.

Named Rachel Bighead, the character is the child of the show’s original antagonist Ed Bighead, and she was born as Ralph, who featured as a male in the original series, before coming out as transgender in the new movie reboot.

According to early sneak peeks, Rachel’s transition will play a large part in the plot line of the movie, as will her father’s struggle to accept his daughter for who she really is.

It seems that the “transition” and the transgender character are pretty much what the movie is about.

Netflix is pretty proud of that.

What a wonderful life lesson, Netflix.

See, the past has a penis. The future doesn’t. Everything has The Gay now and it’s only a matter of time before the last penis is chopped off. Trannies are the future. Men and women don’t exist anymore, everyone is both male and female at the same time because everyone is equal.

Hordes of degenerates are celebrating this New Age of Dickless Gynecomastia.

Broke: penis in vagina.

Woke: penis turned into a vagina.

I know right? This is exactly what kids need to watch.

Of course, moving on with the times and accepting “change” means penis cutting.

Everything mainstream is trying to infect you with The Gay.

Everyone mainstream is working for the Gender Unicorn.

There is no escaping the exposure. You can’t keep your kids away from this. The disease is everywhere.

What you can do is put out some antibodies out there to help immune systems fight it.

Ridiculing faggots and trannies and showing what they really do and what they really are helps younger generations that aren’t too far gone shake this thing off and realize how insane it is.

These creatures are presented as cool.

In reality, they’re nothing but GRIDS-infected, miserable perverts preying on the innocent.