Never EVER Apologize to Women: You Could End Up Wrongly Jailed for Two Years and Denied Compensation Once Free

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2019

Danny Kay and his sister-in-law

Be very careful what you write to women. As a general rule, when interacting with women, be very careful with anything that leaves evidence and don’t ever apologize.

Daily Mail:

A man who was wrongly convicted of rape after police missed crucial Facebook message evidence has been refused compensation for spending more than two years in jail.

Danny Kay had his conviction quashed in 2017 when the Court of Appeal ruled police had relied on an ‘edited and misleading’ account of online conversations provided by his complainant. Mr Kay’s sister-in-law found the messages that cleared him after just a minute searching online.

Appeal court judges ruled that the full exchanges supported his claim that sex had been consensual.

Messages hidden in the original case showed there had been far greater contact after the alleged rape between Mr Kay and the complainant than the jury had been told about.

But two years on, officials at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have turned down the 28-year-old’s claim for more than £500,000 compensation.

They say that the online exchanges revealed at the appeal had cast doubt on Mr Kay’s conviction but failed to prove his innocence.

Shouldn’t it be “innocent until proven guilty,” or is presumption of innocence officially not a thing anymore?

Mr Kay said he owed his liberty to his sister-in-law Sarah Madison who found the Facebook messages on his account. At his trial at Derby Crown Court in 2013, Mr Kay’s accuser said there had been little contact between them after sex.

The jury was given a misleading impression of a message reading ‘sorry’, which was construed as being about the alleged rape. In fact, it was a response to the woman asking why he was ignoring her. Also omitted from the version presented to the jury was her response: ‘Dnt [sic] be.’

In another message, Mr Kay asks for her number because he had lost it. She readily supplies it, accompanied by four kisses. The accuser says: ‘im still here for ya!’ And in a separate message, after the pair had split up, she said: ‘I thought u woulda at least tried to get me back.’

If a woman is out to get you, she’ll use whatever she can use to bring you down. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not.


Apologizing is an admission of wrongdoing, and since women are dumb creatures that can be made to believe that protohumans such as black males are manly because they act violently, if you act like you did something wrong you are inviting them to believe that you did something wrong.

To make matters worse, if they have evidence that you apologized to them for whatever reason, they can twist it and portray it as you admitting to doing whatever they claim you did.

Besides, apologizing to women and saying sorry won’t ever have a positive effect.

Rule of thumb: if you text women, never write anything that you wouldn’t like the entire internet, a judge, and a jury to read. At the very least, assume that the woman is showing all of her friends the stuff that you text her.