New Alt-Right Mascot “Gritty” is Making Big Waves in the Meme Scene

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

As most of you are probably aware, the former Alt-Right mascot, Pepe the Frog, was stolen when the ADL convinced the alleged “creator” of the meme to start filing fraudulent copyright claims against anyone who posted his image.

It was sad, but we knew that a new meme figurehead would appear to represent our virulent ideas to the masses in a disarmingly fun way.

That meme figurehead has arrived: meet Gritty.

The biggest difference between Pepe and gritty is that Pepe was almost regretful about the fact that he had to commit so many genocides. He knew he had to, but his heart wasn’t ever fully in it.

Gritty on the other hand is a diabolical lunatic, who revels not only in genocide, but in using the most brutal and inhumane forms of torture and mutilation to accomplish his genocidal goals.

Unlike any other genocidal madman I’ve ever heard of, he is literally willing to rape nigger women in front of their children.

He is effectively the Steven Crowder of memes.

He plays the only white sport left, which is how he initially gained popularity with the Alt-Right, who view hockey as “the purest manifestation of white supremacy.”

This cat is no joke.

Gritty is Pepe on steroids.

And unlike Wojak, he doesn’t have any feelings.


Here are some formats you can use to create your own Gritty memes.

Blank Gritty PNG – make him show up in interesting situations!

Blank Gritty signature – record the sayings of Gritty!

Gritty top text/bottom text – what will Gritty say next???

Who will he kill next???

Use for top text/bottom text memes!

And you can use your creativity to come up with other sorts of memes!

We need to get the Alt-Right back on the meme scene – big time. And Gritty is the ticket we’ve been waiting for.

All of the best Gritty memes will be posted in a collection for a special Memetic Wednesday – that’s tomorrow!

So you better get to it, lads!