New Black Movie “Queen & Slim” Designed to Accelerate the Race War!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2019

The Black Lives Matter terrorist movement has been dormant for a few years, but it looks like Jews might be trying to kick it off again with a new high-powered race war provocation propaganda film entitled “Queen & Slim.”

It’s a love story about a black male and female who become heroes of the black community by killing a cop at a traffic stop.


Queen & Slim┬áis an upcoming 2019 American┬áromantic drama┬áthriller film┬ádirected by┬áMelina Matsoukas┬á(in her feature directorial debut) and with a screenplay by┬áLena Waithe┬áfrom a story by Waithe and┬áJames Frey. The film stars┬áDaniel Kaluuya┬áand┬áJodie Turner-Smith, with┬áChlo├ź Sevigny,┬áFlea,┬áBokeem Woodbine┬áand┬áIndya Moore┬áin supporting roles. It is described as a modern day take on the “Bonnie & Clyde” trope.

Queen & Slim will be released on November 27, 2019 by Universal Pictures.

This is the director, Melina Matsoukas:

The astonishing thing about the trailer is that the film actually looks really good. Just from an objective standpoint, what with the cinematography and sets and so on.

It makes sense that it would be good. I assume that they poured a whole bunch of money into it in order to make it good. You can do that. It is a science. The reason most films are not good is simply that Jews are nepotistic and hire each other over more talented goyim, and generally don’t care about the quality of their product as long as it makes money.

But these black films rarely make money. People just don’t really like them. And further, they are about more than money – they’re about sending a message.

So it is logical that if you had a really important message to give to the goyim – especially if it’s a message the goyim typically do not like – you would put together a super-team of the best cinematographers and script editors to make a film that appeals simply on the basic aesthetic level.

I suspect that’s what they’ve done here.

The cinematographer is of course not black – it’s a British guy named Tat Radcliffe.

The script is credited to a dyke negress, Lena Waithe.

But I can guarantee that she just wrote some “dey din be keeled dat cracka wif da gun, he be uh grimmy wyboi” gibberish, and it was sent through a series of talented script “editors” to make it into an actual film script.

And the director would have a team of assistants.

The film is being released in November, which isn’t the time to release a riot-starting film. So it’s probably largely targeted at white people, I would assume. Of course, they will send all black people to see it, including black kids, and say “LOOK, WHITE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT???”

But from the trailer it is clear that it has white people in it as sympathetic characters, and is thus probably intended to create more “white allies” through emotional manipulation.

It’s just so easy to watch these Jews, and deconstruct everything they’re doing, if you know that the driving factor of the trends of Western civilization is the Jews.

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