New Caravan From El Salvador Forms While Hundreds Wait at US-Mexico Border

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

El Salvador is often called “the murder capital of the world.” Such a vibrant place is now sending their absolute best to enrich the United States of America, emboldened by the impunity with which the recent caravans are executing the invasion.


At least 150 Salvadorans set off on Sunday from their impoverished Central American country in a U.S.-bound caravan, ignoring their likely rejection at the U.S.-Mexico border where a larger caravan of mostly Hondurans has been stalled for days.

More will join, of course. Muds are cockroaches. Where you see one, you can be certain there are more hidden from sight.

The group from El Salvador was at least the fourth caravan to set off since a first, large-scale mobilization in neighboring Honduras, which departed on Oct. 13 from the crime-wracked northern city of San Pedro Sula.

The more caravans that arrive, the more muds will create new ones.

You have to understand, everything south of the United States is a shithole. Their countries being violent, dangerous places is no reason for them to swarm America. If you let even one of them in because they’re scared or whatever, then you’d have to let every mudmanoid south of your border in too, because they’re all scared. Because they’re all living in mud hell.

What is even the argument? Give up our stuff because muddy is afraid? What do we even gain?

Maybe we’re missing out on that famous Salvadoran gang rape culture.

U.S. immigration authorities, meanwhile, barred passage to dozens of the migrants who in recent days formed orderly lines to enter through the San Ysidro Port of Entry connecting Mexico to San Diego.

It appears that these invaders are at least getting bottle-necked. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains a mystery.

The Washington Post:

When the Central American caravan finally crosses onto U.S. soil — past the fresh coils of barbed wire, through the chain-link door — its people will begin a closely monitored existence in U.S. custody, with showers every two days and guard checks every 15 minutes.

They will live at the San Ysidro port of entry in one of 31 holding rooms with painted cinder-block walls, the largest of which holds space for 25 people, sleeping under Mylar blankets on rubber mats, watched by video surveillance. They will have two hot meals a day, a cold lunch and possibly cereal before bed.

Why tho.

For many in the caravan, the next step is to apply for asylum at the San Ysidro border crossing, and what that means is waiting.

During one day in May 2016, U.S. border authorities allowed more than 1,000 Haitian asylum seekers into the port of entry. To handle the influx, they converted staff offices into holding cells; employee showers became migrant showers. Overtime pay surged; they were short on food and supplies.

That’s surprisingly representative of their agenda. They want to replace you. Why else would they give your stuff to these muds? You don’t need anything from them, but they’re using your money to pay for these creature’s meals, showers, space. It’s all a giant gibs.

The lesson for Aki and his subordinates: Never exceed capacity. They say they can process 90 to 100 migrants per day and have a total holding space for about 300 people. Francisco Gomez, a top official in Baja California, the Mexican state which includes Tijuana, estimated that the caravan would be there four months or more.

Okay, so if they’re processing a small number of muds just to be compliant with current Jew-laws before telling them to fuck off, that’s a good thing. Kinda, because it still makes the rest of the muds down south think they have a chance, prompting them to create additional caravans, concentrating them further at the border. We don’t want mud concentrations nor conflict escalation, do we? We want these creatures out, and far away.

But if they’re actually letting some of them in, then that scenario may play out even worse.

Having said that… this is still so much better than the situation in previous years. At least there’s barbed wire and stuff at the border now and they can’t just sneak in. Or at least they can’t sneak in as easily as before.

So what is the actual solution here?