New Dumb Bitch Running for President – This, My Friends, Is True Bravery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

Bravery alert, kids.

We’ve got a category 5 bravery event on our hands here.

Fox News:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is running for president in 2020.

The New York Democrat announced her White House bid on Jan. 15 during an episode of Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show.”

From Troy, New York, Gillibrand, 52, said she’s running because she wants to “make a difference.”

“I believe in right vs. wrong – that wrong wins when we do nothing. Now is our time to raise our voices and get off the sidelines,” Gillibrand said in a tweet announcing her plans.

From being a mother to her work combating sexual assault in the military, read on for five things to know about Gillibrand.

Gillibrand is one brave bitch, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, she voted against amnesty and used to have a 100% rating with the NRA.

She has since renounced white supremacy, of course, but her competitors – in particular “Wounded Knee” Warren with bring up these dark remembrances.

Finding out your new mommy is a former white supremacist is even more crushing than finding out she did porno.

With Gillibrand, I would be surprised if we find out the other thing as well, unfortunately.

Or should I say… fortunately?

In her appearance on Colbert, she claimed to be a “young mom,” which… I mean I don’t want to be sexist or anything, but she does not look especially “young” to me.

She also vowed to fight racism and give everyone free healthcare. Some other things I don’t remember.

Overall, the interview was somewhat sad. Because you can tell she is not at all cut out for the bloodbath that is coming. She is a timid person. She seems more like your friend’s grandma than a politician.

She’s in the big girls zone now.

And there’s going to be a lot more to do than express the truth of the depth of her victimhood as a woman.

Your new mommy will have to be some strong. Someone who is not simply brave, but a Cherokee brave.